Two-time NPSL MVP to leave Auburn HS for Rainier Beach

Jaylen Petty has will play his last high school season as a Viking.

Two-time NPSL 3A MVP Jaylen Petty has departed Auburn High School and is finishing his high school career where it began, back in 2021, at Rainier Beach High School. The 1,000 point club member at Auburn is going to be a Viking for his final season.

Petty played in 63 games with the Trojans in his career, reaching the 1,000 point club in 45 games.

He was named MVP both years in the NPSL and took Auburn to state twice. Petty was able to play with his brother Jerry Petty Jr. for one season, but Jerry suffered a knee injury and wasn’t able to finish his final season.

Petty’s transfer didn’t come as a total surprise to Auburn Head Coach Ryan Hansen.

Hansen hopes he succeeds on his old stomping grounds.

“I told Jaylen it’s no ill will from us. We were a program before you were here and will be here after you’re gone. We’ll keep rooting for you, and supporting you the best we can. I hope it works out,” Hansen said.

For Hansen, he thinks this is just the way of the game at this point, and how can you blame him? This is the best player Hansen has ever had leave his program: “I’ve been fortunate over my tenure to not have many kids leave. Certainly none of his caliber.”

The Reporter reached out to Petty for comment: “I am cool with my guys at Auburn, they family. But I do not want my business out there though so I’m probably not (commenting further).”

Jaylen Petty backs down a defender.

Jaylen Petty backs down a defender.