A home is a human right, not a privilege

What an instrumental step the city of Auburn has taken by hiring a racial equity consultant. I applaud Auburn for taking action on this deserving need. Our federal government also has a role to play in striving for racial equity, specifically, in the housing sector.

Time and time again, America has marginalized communities of color through discriminatory policies. As a result, white families have 10 times greater wealth than black families and eight times more than Latin families on average. These families are more likely to rent and be low income. It doesn’t help that America in the midst of an unaffordable housing crisis, where rent costs have skyrocketed by 61 percent since 1960, while renter’s income has only raised by 5 percent.

Luckily, Congressional leaders and policy experts have created multiple solutions to support working families, one of which is a renter’s tax credit. This caps rent to 30 percent of a low-income family’s earnings, one solution that helps address housing equity throughout the nation. I urge U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier to co-sponsor this legislation because a home is a human right, not a privilege.

– Olivia Boulet, RESULTS Volunteer Advocate

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