America, it’s time to act

According to CNN, the recent school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas is the “22nd school shooting that happened this year.”

One school shooting is more than enough. Whether no assault weapons were used, this recent school shooting is horrifying news to me.

When is enough going to be enough? Let’s do something, America. Let’s protect our students. Let’s keep them safe.

Here in my Lakeland Hills neighborhood there are three schools: Lakeland Hills and Ilalko elementary schools, and Auburn Riverside High School. These schools are wide open. When I take my daily walks, I usually see children at school enjoying games on the playground. But I don’t see anyone guarding them; I only see the wide-open gates around the school.

Perhaps, a wall around all schools should be built, like that wall around Rome or that wall similar, but not as high, that President Trump is now building on the southern border of America.

And, with this school wall should be a single-point entry and metal detectors like in a court house or at a stadium. Depending on the size of the school, perhaps another entry can be built. And all these entries should be guarded by armed law enforcement officers. And let’s do it ASAP.

Too drastic? Better safe than sorry … again.

– Jesse Jose

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