Barista critics ‘should get a life’

I just can’t believe the furor raised concerning the attire – or lack of – of the Cowgirls Espresso stand baristas.

I just can’t believe the furor raised concerning the attire – or lack of – of the Cowgirls Espresso stand baristas.

First, we have a pastor who questions what the nature of Cowgirls Espresso “really is.” You would think it would be to sell espresso, which judging from their business, seems to work. Then there is the woman who noted that the stand is “only” three blocks from a school where her 11-year-old is a student. I really don’t think there is much chance of him taking a recess break and walking through the drive-up window and ordering a triple-latte, do you?

Now Mayor Lewis has his own vendetta where he is encouraging citizens to call the Attorney General and complain, I guess in hopes of getting the law changed concerning these baristas. He seems to be an authority on beach apparel. How long has it been since he has been to the beach anyhow? He just might be surprised.

I really think all the complainers should get a life and let the baristas go on with theirs, which is earning a living in an honest way.

– Chester H.E. Wells Jr.

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