City Council rejects campaign reform

Just recently, Burien became the 17th city to approve a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to remedy the onerous Citizens United decision.

Just recently, Burien became the 17th city to approve a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to remedy the onerous Citizens United decision. They joined such cities as Seattle and Tacoma in resolve.

The Auburn City Council was presented with a similar resolution for consideration over a year ago. At the time, and still standing, is Mayor Nancy Backus’ response of “not interested.” Not a single member even brought that resolution forward for debate or vote.

No mind that no less than 325,000 voters signed the petition statewide to get I-735 on the ballot this year. Olympia had failed to act, so a voter initiative was required. This coulda’, shoulda’ been solved in the Legislature some time ago.

Bernie Sanders has made this a keystone of his campaign and won the Washington caucus in March with 72 percent of the delegates. Even Donald Trump speaks openly that money is the root of all evils in electioneering. Yet the Auburn City Council response is “not interested.”

If I am correct, I-735 will pass in Auburn, in King County and statewide by a 3-to-1 margin. Seems to me that the electorate is interested in what the City Council – and the state Senate – finds uninteresting.

Aside, the same resolution was also put forth to Covington and Kent – and both have been silent.

Express your interest and write to your councilmembers. At a minimum, demand they go on record with at least an up or down vote.

– Jim Dillon

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