Miles Resources is a welcome site

Sometime around January we learned of another road construction project on Auburn Way South was to begin this spring. As a resident of the Auburn-Enumclaw Plateau we always dread these things because there are no real good options for avoiding the resulting traffic disruptions, sometimes fairly major ones.

That last project was such a pain in the posterior that I regularly commuted home via Green Valley Road heading up to the plateau five miles past my home then backtracking. I’m sure the time frame was about the same, but at least I didn’t have to endure what, in my opinion, was an extremely poor plan to mitigate traffic issues.

The latest project has been a pleasant surprise, at least initially, with very few major disruptions. I give all the credit to Miles Resources and their project team for keeping two lanes open eastbound for the majority of the commute times.

Thanks Miles, I appreciate the consideration and the effort to minimize the impact to those whose daily commute runs through the project.

– Charles Poe

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