Support the ban on fireworks in Auburn

I am an almost 80-year-old nurse Vietnam veteran and still get triggered by sudden, unexpected fireworks, especially when they are by my house.

This past Fourth of July I was inside quietly watching “The Capitol Fourth” on TV when people showed up at the house next door that had been vacant for months and began to set off loud fireworks on the driveway beside my lawn. I did go out to speak to them, and they were disrespectful and focused on doing what brought them pleasure.

A few nights prior to that some guys on the street behind mine set off loud, continuous fireworks, and because I did not expect it and it was close by, I felt like I was back in Vietnam by the 12th Evacuation Hospital where I served for all of 1967.

Even though I have done a lot of therapy to heal from what I experienced, there are some things that still trigger me such as unexpected fireworks close by or if they are behind me.

Two years ago when the Muckleshoots set off big fireworks in June I was sitting at my computer and did not know it was going to happen. My body jumped at the first big boom, and after several I looked out my window to see smoke. That did it for me. I spent the next hour shaking and crying, with my back against the wall. I called a friend and even called the Auburn Police and told them what I was experiencing and asked if it was legal.

I am writing to ask that it be illegal to set off fireworks in Auburn. It will solve the problems associated with it, such as fires, injuries, veterans having their symptoms triggered and pets being terrified.

– Sarah Blum

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Support the ban on fireworks in Auburn

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