Venting on the vetting process

Imagine my shock and disgust when a writer called me a racist.

I was so upset I had to cuddle with three therapy puppies, eat a gallon of ice cream and build a unicorn out of Playdough at a college safe place before the tears stopped. I may need years of counseling.

Pat Larson responded to my recent letter and did a fine job telling us in great detail how the immigration process works. Larson says the immigrants are thoroughly vetted. My statements to the contrary are racist per my stated definition.

I had to reread my letter to be sure, but I said I did not want “unvetted” people from countries with a history of terrorism coming here.

Larson’s detailed description of the process had no bearing on my statements. Unfortunately, even with our wonderful vetting process, we have between 11 and 20 million illegal immigrants. (Rough numbers from several sources.) I suspect nobody told them about the vetting process.

However, calling me a racist actually proves the major point in my letter. If you disagree with a liberal, they will call you racist. Thank you, Pat Larson, for helping me prove my point.

– Dennis Doucette

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