Mark Klaas

Auburn garden blossoms into lavender business

When Sheri Dingmon first planted the seeds to her retail nursery business four years ago, she never imagined it would grow like it has.

Laying foundation for others Patriarch

Laying foundation for others Patriarch, pioneer Hughes showed the way for other chiropractors. Awell-preserved dollar bill earned from his first patient 60 years ago remains framed and hung on the office wall.

Fun and games to support a special cause

Call it kids helping kids.

Good man Charlie: Skills grows under leader

Charlie Harris is a good man orchestrating good deeds.

Bringing unique taste from afar

She’s Mrs. Coffee and he’s Mr. Tea.

Lending a hand, providing easier path for Auburn woman

Penelope Popovich is a kind, generous and iron-willed woman. But when she was so overwhelmed by the site of her wheelchair access ramp, she forgot to do something at the end of the day.


Her dream fulfilled, Melanie Roach intends to relish every step of the way as she prepares for China and the Olympics.

Motorists find long wait, relief at gas giveaway

Like many Americans, Ronnie Short is feeling the pain at the gas pump.

‘Forgotten War’ stays vivid, alive for many who sacrificed

It is often called “The Forgotten War” or “The Unknown War,” but many veterans remember it all too well.

Cowgirls up? These baristas brewin’ sales

Steam is rising from your friendly neighborhood drive-through espresso stand these days, and it has little to do with a creamy latté.