Democratic mayors fail to silence city shootings

Frank Shiers’ political cartoon (of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, Kent Reporter, Jan. 31) is right on target. It is typical of cities run by a Democrat administration throughout the United States. They always talk about a call to action; however, action is usually lacking.

After a homicide is committed in their city, the first thought is to limit gun access or to take away guns from law-abiding citizens. They seem to be blinded that a law limiting or removing guns has no affect on criminals. By definition, a criminal is someone who breaks the law. Murder is a much more serious crime than a violation of a gun law, yet the law doesn’t stop murderers. Law enforcement is the only effective method to reduce crime, which is included in the things the mayor didn’t say.

In the case of a shooting in a Texas church, the shooter was taken out in four seconds, which probably saved dozens of lives. Unfortunately, the FBI doesn’t keep track of lives saved or shootings prevented because a law-abiding citizen had a gun on the scene. Law officers can’t be everywhere, and response times negate their ability to quickly stop a killer.

Everyone can do their own research. Just Google the cities with the highest homicide rate. I found that one of the top 28 cities on the list was run by a Republication administration, and it was 18th on the list. In most cases, they had been run by a Democrat administration for many, many years. For example: No. 1, St. Louis 71 years; No. 2, Baltimore 53 years; No. 3, Detroit 58 years; No. 4, New Orleans 150 years; and No. 5, Baton Rouge, La., 148 years minus 16 years between 1989-2005.

My conclusion is to never take the ideas of a Democratic mayor on actions that will reduce homicide in their city. Strict law enforcement would be a first step. Asking for support from armed, law-abiding citizens would seem to work better than removing guns from law-abiding citizens. If not, why is the Secret Service, police officers and most body guards armed?

– William Malinsk