Enough is enough

This is a very serious problem, and the mayor should be doing something about it.

It was the worst July 4 I’ve ever had. The people (with fireworks) in my neighborhood and, in fact, in the cul-de-sac directly behind me were so bad I feared there might be a fire, not to mention the impact to my nerves after several hours of constant noise. I attempted to reason with them to no avail and was told it was legal on the day of the Fourth. I disagreed. I also attempted to call 911 but could not reach anyone.

It’s time for the city to do something about this. Fireworks need to be banned, and the tribes selling this stuff need to be accountable. They aren’t starving to the point where they need the revenue from the fireworks sales.

It’s gotten out of hand and certainly not very patriotic. I feel my rights are being infringed upon. What about me, the hundreds of other people who are bothered by the noise and the poor animals?

– Jeanne Harold

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