Let’s set the record straight

A letter published in the Auburn Reporter ron Feb. 28, “Stop the scare tactics, support senior benefits,” requires a response because of the misinformation it contained.

The writer repeats the democratic party lie about “politicians (mostly conservative-Republicans)” who scare our senior citizens by threatening to cut Social Security retirement benefits. I am a very senior citizen, so this topic always gets my attention.

Let’s get this straightened out immediately. No politician in his/her right mind would ever make such a proposal, knowing full well it would end their career in politics.

I suggest that the letter writer is, in fact, trying to do the very thing he’s claiming those evil “conservative-Republicans” are doing. It’s a cheap, misguided attempt to persuade voters to support the political party, which pretends to be “the party of the working man,” when the reality is, they have become a ship of tax-raising fools who represent every extremist group trying to destroy our once-great nation.

Please reject them all.

– Peter M. Hawley