Mayor needs to rescind her endorsement of Sen. Fain

In the Seattle Times, Mayor Nancy Backus wrote that she is a supporter of the #MeToo movement.

The foundational truth of the #MeToo movement has been that we should believe women. At the same time, the mayor stands by her endorsement of Sen. Joe Fain. These positions seem at odds, and we call on Mayor Backus to rescind her endorsement of the senator.

This issue is simple – either we as a society believe women, or we do not. If we believe survivors of sexual assault, then we believe Ms. Faber, and Mayor Backus’ continued endorsement of Senator Fain is unacceptable.

In the past, we supported Mayor Backus as a candidate, and we call on her to show moral clarity in this situation. This is not a partisan issue; Democrats and Republicans with histories of sexual misconduct should be condemned and forced from office.

We believe survivors. We believe Candace Faber. We believe that Mayor Backus needs to rescind her endorsement of Sen. Fain.

– Nathan Schumer, Hilary Schumer, Patti Larson, and Brandon Dotson

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