Support our schools

As a sophomore at Auburn High School, I am asking you to make an informed vote on March 10, a vote that I hope will be “yes.”

I am not going to talk about the condition of Auburn High, Olympic or Terminal Park schools. I’m going to ask you to look at the facts. Go the district Web site, call or talk to teachers, principals, even district administrators. They will talk to you and give you all the information you want.

Then think about this: Will kids at an older schools have the same opportunities, equipment and resources compared to kids who attend a newer school? As a former student of Mountainview, I can tell you that they and I do not.

Think about the facts and think about the kids. This election is not about paying more taxes. It is about the future of the kids of Auburn. The next generation. What legacy will you leave them? Think about that, and please vote on March 10.

– Matt Arquitt