Trump haters at it again

Hate. It was full of hate. It was a reflection of the fake news that we read and hear from the so called mainstream media: CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Washington Post, New York Times … and The Seattle Times.

It’s the kind of stories written and broadcasted such as this: “Trump had two scoops of ice cream, the rest only got one.” It’s laughable. But because it was written by New York Times and broadcasted by CNN, the Trump-haters tend to believe it.

I am talking about the letter to the editor by Steven Hofer in the June 9 issue of the Reporter. It was a letter expressing hate for the president of the United States. Simply because the accusations were all untrue.

This past week, based on the much-awaited testimony of James Comey, the former director of the FBI, “fired” by President Trump, we all learned that that there was “no collusion” between Trump and Russia in the past presidential election. And that there was “no obstruction of justice” at all regarding Michael Flynn’s case.

Trump won the presidential election. The majority of Americans voted for him. The liberals and the haters of President Trump must accept that now and move on. Instead of harassing him, let’s all help the man accomplish what he had promised during his campaign. Those promises will make America great again.

– Jesse Jose