Auburn author appears for book signing

Brooke’s ‘The Last Apostle’ is the first in a series

Auburn native Dennis Brooke did a book signing at The Book Warehouse in The Outlet Collection | Seattle last Saturday.

His novel, “The Last Apostle”, is based on the question, “What if John, the last apostle, was still alive and lived in Seattle?”

The book imagines that the Apostle John did not die in Ephesus as history records but that Jesus granted him life until his own return.

At present the Apostle John lives in Seattle, but his friends and others are beginning to suspect who he is. The book is the first installment in a series depicting the life of the beloved Apostle throughout the millennia.

The book’s manuscript was a finalist and semifinalist in several prestigious contests for Christian fiction.

Brooke is a fourth-generation Auburnite and 1978 graduate of Auburn High School. He is a former Air Force officer who travels with his wife throughout the world to research future novels in his series.

In addition to signing his book, Brooke talked about the 40-day hike he and his wife made across Spain on the Camino de Santiago last spring.

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