Auburn’s UnHailoed wins Tacoma Metal Choice Award

Auburn’s own UnHailoed, a metal band featuring Auburn High School graduates Jess Hudson, James Sumner and Dylan Bennett, as well as Jeremy Luddington and Gabe Wright, recently were awarded the title of best metal band in Tacoma at the Tacoma Metal Choice Awards at Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma.

Vying for the top spot with other nominees – Devils of Loudon, Faces Pale, After the Fallout and Plague Ships – Unhailoed outdistanced the second place winner at the show by 170 votes. The winner of the award was decided by Internet voting.

“Our fans really pulled through and made the votes happen, so it was really all because of them,” Luddington said.

The band, with Hudson and Sumner on guitar, Bennett on drums, Wright on bass and Luddington on vocals, recently released the full length CD “Memoir of a Dying World.”

According to Luddington, the disc has been getting favorable comparisons to national American metal band Lamb of God, one of the bands’ influences.

“One guy, who is a big fan of Lamb of God, their friend sent it out to them in Alabama, and he said he can’t take it off the CD player,” he said. “They like it just as much, so that’s flattering to hear.”

The band is currently holed up in its practice space, preparing for a new slate of shows, including another Hell’s Kitchen show on April 28.

“We’re just going to be perfecting our game,” Luddington said. “We’re trying to get tighter than we are. We want to play a lot more big shows with some of the bigger bands coming through. And get all of our mech together too. We just want to keep building our game up.”

For more information on UnHailoed visit the band’s Web site at

The band’s single “Next Chapter” is available at iTunes.