Sharing optimism hope: Auburn duo saluted for Parkinson’s wellness program

Two local wellness providers earn well-deserved praise for unique NeuroFIT program

Two Auburn residents have been recognized for their hard work, compassion and commitment to helping local residents Parkinson’s Disease.

The American Parkinson Disease Association recently saluted NeuroFIT coaches Heidi and Cheryl, from Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio, with a Service Provider Optimism Award Nomination, a testament to their unwavering commitment.

“While Heidi and Cheryl were not selected as this year’s award recipients, it’s important to note that this decision in no way diminishes the value and impact of their MANY contributions. In fact, the APDA has expressed that they have no doubt that they will see their names mentioned again next year, as their work has resonated with our community in such a profound way,” says Longevita owner, Shelia Cowart.

The NeuroFIT program is at the heart of Longevita’s success as it continues to grow and gain momentum with those in the Parkinson’s community. Through Heidi and Cheryl’s careful design, they’ve created a program that addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals with Parkinson’s, including essential body movement, balance, strength and cognitive tasks.

The NeuroFIT program offers a foundation for learning and growth.

The NeuroFIT program offers a foundation for learning and growth.

“What sets Heidi and Cheryl apart is their warm, easy-to-follow, fun and effective approach. They provide a solid foundation for learning, growth and the fight against the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Their professional manner and compassionate ways have touched the lives of countless individuals, providing hope and understanding,” Cowart says.

It’s not just about exercise in Heidi and Cheryl’s class, though; their gift for keeping the classes upbeat and fun along with their unwavering optimism makes for a truly meaningful experience. They’re constantly encouraging their growing community to reach for progress and have cultivated a supportive, encouraging environment for participants.

Join the Longevita community and experience the benefits of NeuroFIT for yourself.

Join the Longevita community and experience the benefits of NeuroFIT for yourself.

“Being in a class with Heidi and Cheryl means experiencing optimism and hope firsthand. They’ve the unique ability to energize and encourage an entire room of Parkinson’s patients with their educated and optimistic guidance. They lead with a core belief that there is always strength in hope, both physically and mentally, and they prove it daily,” Cowart says.

Cowart extends her immense pride in having Heidi and Cheryl as a part of the Longevita family, noting that their dedication, passion, and optimism have made a profound impact on their Parkinson’s community.

“Heidi and Cheryl deserve all the recognition and appreciation that comes their way. I want to say thank you to them both for their outstanding contributions, and thank you to the APDA for recognizing the incredible work happening in our community. Together, let’s continue to support and inspire one another on this journey, knowing that there is strength in hope,” Cowart says.

Join the Longevita community in celebrating Heidi and Cheryl, along with all the nominees, in the coming month through their social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram, and on their website. For more information on the variety of programs available at Longvita, including NeuroFIT, visit them online at longevitapilates.com or in person at 201 Auburn Way N, Auburn.

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