Auburn homegrown: Meet Bill Cowart, a business leader with local roots

Hometown People in Business Series: Part 1

While Auburn, Washington is known for its beautiful downtown core, nice neighborhoods and idyllic parks, it’s the people that really make the place.

One such individual is Bill Cowart, Managing Partner at Leavitt Group Northwest.

Auburn became home to Bill when he moved here with his family in 1967. Graduating from Auburn Senior High School in 1977 the experience continues to resonate with him – and for good reason.

There, he made great friends, developed relationships and built some amazing connections – many of which are still going strong, decades later!

Following graduation, Bill embarked on his post-secondary journey at the University of Oklahoma, and after 11 years away, it was time to return home to Auburn.

With family and many childhood friends still here, the decision to return was easy, especially when the right business opportunity also presented itself.

“One of my good friends, Bob Klontz, suggested starting an insurance and mortgage business. I had a background in finance and saw what he was doing – and I wanted to come back – so said ‘Let’s do it!’” Bill notes.

The two embarked on their business journey together in 1989, and have now been serving the Auburn community for more than 30 years.

Relationships built while growing up in the community, and later in business, continue to be important.

Currently, Bill sits on multiple non-profit boards and maintains an active commitment to the City of Auburn. He’s involved with Kiwanis Club, the Auburn Youth Resources, the Auburn Symphony Orchestra, TRILLIUM Employment Services and is actively involved in the City’s Rate Payer Committee as well as the local food bank.

“Moving home had a huge appeal for me. A lot of people that I grew up with stayed in the area, and I’ve been able to develop those friendships and build business relationships as well. There’s a lot of strong ties here in Auburn and I’m here if they need my help,” he reflects. “I also think being in the insurance business has definitely played a part. In insurance our reach is everybody, whether business owners or families, and we have to be out in the community and building these connections.”

Married with four children, Bill doesn’t see himself going anywhere else anytime soon. And, with two of his children following in his footsteps at Leavitt Insurance, it seems the love for Auburn runs in the family!

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Bill and son, Derek – who’s also a Leavitt Insurance Northwest agent – at a Kiwanis fundraising event!

Bill and son, Derek – who’s also a Leavitt Insurance Northwest agent – at a Kiwanis fundraising event!