GlucoFort Reviews – Legit Customer Results or Fake Claims?

Diabetes is a common health issue that affects more than 30 million American citizens. Every one out of 10 individuals lives with it, and it harms various organs when left untreated. There could be many reasons for high blood sugar levels, such as genes, diet, and stress, among many others.

Type 2 diabetes has increased over the last couple of decades and comes with various health risks. Not only this, many individuals who are suffering from diabetes are deprived of the ability to enjoy their favorite food and will encounter indications like hunger, thirst, high cholesterol levels, staggering, and blurred vision, among others.

Although people may turn to traditional medicine for treating diabetes, they are somehow tired of the side effects of drugs. This is why health supplements that regulate blood glucose levels have gained popularity. If you have diabetes and are tired of using multiple drugs and remedies, dietary supplements are a safe and gentle way to control your glucose levels and promote a healthy body.

While you head online to find the right blood sugar support formula, you may find it hard to select the best one as the internet is flooded with thousands of such supplements.

Our research and editorial team has tried and evaluated several blood sugar support supplements and stated Glucofort as an ideal pick to balance blood sugar levels.

After reading hundreds of Glucofort reviews on it’s official website, we are convinced that this Glucofort Blood sugar support formula supports a healthy life and manages different aspects of well-being.

We provide all important information about it, from ingredients to how it works, in the below review that will help you choose this reliable formula for your overall health.

What is Glucofort?

Product Name Glucofort
Maker Dr. June and Dr. Andrew Freeman
About the product Glucofort is a natural health supplement that contains all-natural and proven antioxidants to help users to manage blood sugar levels. It is specially designed to reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Apart from regulating blood glucose levels, this supplement also offers multiple health benefits from weight loss to promoting cardiovascular and cognitive health.
  • Help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Aid users to keep their blood pressure under normal range
  • Reduce body weight to help in keeping blood glucose levels under healthy range
  • Boost cognitive health
  • Promote cardiovascular health and reduce the chances of heart diseases
  • Side Effects As the supplement is 100% natural, it only contains herbal, plant extracts and natural anti-oxidants, there are no side effects of using this supplement
    Price $69
    Money-Back Guarantee 60 days
    Official Website glucofortplus.com

    Glucofort Blood Sugar Support is a natural and advanced dietary supplement formulated by Dr. June and Dr. Andrew Freeman. This supplement has helped many diabetic and prediabetic people to manage healthy blood sugar levels and glucose metabolism. This supplement controls high blood sugar levels and promotes overall body health. It’s made from all-natural ingredients, obtained from the best sources, and used in the right proportions for the highest efficacy and safety.

    Glucofort contains natural ingredients, plant extracts, essential nutrients, and antioxidants to help people keep their blood sugar levels stable and within a normal range.

    This advanced blood sugar support formula is famous for reducing ceramides, the root cause of diabetes. It is a naturally prepared formula to remove excess ceramides and keep it at normal levels.

    Glucofort dietary supplement lowers insulin resistance with a blend of antioxidants that support blood sugar in multiple ways. Glucofort is marketed specifically to diabetics and pre-diabetics who struggle to manage their blood glucose levels. This supplement has been described as a “breakthrough formula,” which can help you “awaken the loop support blood sugar levels in people with diabetes or pre-diabetes”.

    You may find that a professional physician will ask you to follow a fad diet or exercise regularly to get back your glucose to an optimum level. But, with Glucofort, you can reportedly help improve blood sugar levels without any restrictions or change in lifestyle.

    It is formulated to be safe and effective with no major side effects. Glucofort is produced in an FDA-approved research facility under GMP-certified conditions.

    How does Glucofort work?

    What does Glucofort do? According to its official site, this supplement focuses on a specific chemical that causes fat molecules to accumulate in the body and makes your blood vessels narrow.

    Unhealthy fat is very harmful to the body. It harms your heart, your pancreas, and your liver. All of these organs have been linked to the development of diabetes.

    When ceramides bind to fat cells, they cause the fat to become sticky, thus allowing them to form a ball called lipohypertrophy.

    The pancreas is a significant organ involved in blood sugar management. It secretes insulin, a hormone that works with glucose molecules in the bloodstream to help the body use them.

    The body makes insulin in response and raises blood sugar levels. This causes sugar molecules to accumulate in the blood. Diabetes type 2 is often the result of this. This is often because the pancreas is no longer producing enough insulin due to damage to the organ from diabetes.

    This Glucofort supplement has powerful antioxidants that allow the pancreas to naturally expel ceramides and start insulin resistance. The process results in the management of blood glucose levels naturally, and also lessens food and sweet cravings which help to prevent fat accumulation.

    Ingredients of the Glucofort supplement

    A major aspect of the GlucoFort supplement from everything else is its ingredient list. It is made entirely of natural, herbal, and non-preservative ingredients, making it completely safe for everyone suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

    Here, we will list down all the ingredients present in Glucofort.


    Guggul is also known as Mukul Myrah, this wonderful ingredient is grown in India. It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels. The makers of Glucofort have added Guggul in a higher dose. This ingredient is also responsible for controlling high blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    Licorice Root

    Licorice root is one of the oldest known natural remedies for diabetes. Some believe it originated in ancient China. It has been used for many years to help lower blood glucose levels and help treat diabetic patients.

    Apart from this, the hypoglycemic properties of licorice also help improve your body’s capacity to utilize insulin hormones and normalize blood sugar levels. It improves insulin sensitivity by reducing insulin resistance.

    Bitter melon

    Bitter melon is almost like a cucumber, but it contains no water, and studies have shown that this ingredient has a therapeutic effect on lowering blood sugar levels. It has high antioxidant properties that help the body cells use the hormone, and convert glucose into glycogen. It is also recognized as activated protein Kinase that aids in glucose tolerance.

    Gymnema Sylvestre

    It’s often known as the destroyer of sugar. It can remove the blocks from the body cells, which play an important role in converting the blood glucose molecules into glycogen. Therefore, it’s one of the most efficient and helpful ingredients that can normalize diabetic levels and provide you ultimate relief in the fastest possible manner.

    Alpha-lipoic acid

    Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is another important antioxidant that you must consider taking regularly. It is mainly used to maintain the optimum antioxidant levels in the body. It can help lower the blood glucose level and thus prevent the occurrence of diabetes. Alpha-Lipoic acid is a sulfur-containing compound that the body produces naturally, it reduces inflammation and improves glucose tolerance.

    This supplement comes with a higher compound concentration than other ingredients present.


    Yarrow has been added for people who suffer from type 1 diabetes. This is a very common ingredient used to treat a different form of diabetes. If the pancreas can no longer produce insulin, the glucose is not properly converted into glycogen.

    The Glucofort formula is formulated with the addition of yarrow, which increases the hormone level. Yarrow can increase insulin production and help to support a healthy immune system.


    Cinnamon is a great natural herbal remedy for lowering blood sugar. It has been scientifically proven to be the best natural diabetes ingredient. It works best when combined with yarrow, Cinnamon can lower triglycerides.

    Juniper Berries

    They’re not only great for looks but also for helping reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and boost cardiovascular and cognitive health.

    Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne Pepper is a popular anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps you get rid of excess fat in your body. When there is fat loss, the body converts melted fat cells to glycogen, which the body can use for energy. The Glucofort Blood Sugar Supplement contains this ingredient to help lose weight and control blood sugar levels.

    White Mulberry

    White Mulberry is one of the best natural herbs for diabetes. White mulberry helps to regulate insulin levels in the blood, preventing sugar accumulation. It aids in weight loss and glucose tolerance.

    Miscellaneous Ingredients

    A few other important ingredients when using Glucofort capsules include Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Banaba leaf, and Magnesium stearate.

    Glucofort is a dietary formula that contains a blend of natural ingredients that work together to deliver a healthy feeling of well-being and energy. This is not a medication or prescription medicine, therefore, there are no adverse effects associated with its use.

    Glucofort Supplement: Benefits

    Some of the benefits of using the Glucofort supplement are that it is safe and natural; it does not cause side effects; it doesn’t lead to addiction; it can help patients live healthier lives.

    Along with maintaining glucose levels, Glucofort reviews have shown that this product helps promote cardiovascular health, and better blood circulation, among many others.

    Boost Metabolic Function

    Glucofort increases your body’s metabolic rate. This can help prevent heart-related diseases and improve your overall health. By increasing metabolism, your body will burn more calories and reduce your chance of becoming overweight. Losing weight further helps to maintain glucose metabolism and deal with several health conditions like obesity.

    Better Immune System

    Glucofort contains potent antioxidants that are proven to improve the body’s immunity, ensuring that the body can use the insulin hormone most efficiently. Better immune health naturally helps the user to lower blood sugar levels and control high blood pressure, among many benefits.

    Apart from this, a stronger immune system prevents free radical damage and helps people to live a healthy life with blood sugar levels within normal ranges.

    Enhances the renal function

    Glucofort contains magnesium stearate and manganese, which control the kidney nephrons’ absorption of water and other minerals. This ensures that increased blood glucose levels do not affect renal functions and do not impact the kidney or other organs.

    Manage blood pressure

    Glucofort aid normalizes your blood pressure, which will reduce the chances of heart-related diseases. This supplement is a perfect composition of natural ingredients that improves blood circulation throughout the body to provide health support and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    Boost neural health

    This formula contains natural brain-healthy ingredients and antioxidants like bacopa, ginseng, and Eleutherococcus. It also boosts neurotransmitter production to increase mental clarity. Apart from this, the neurons will be able to function in the best possible manner, thereby reducing the risks of suffering from degenerative diseases.

    Improve the rate of glycogen absorption

    Glycogen is an important building block used by the body for energy production. Glucofort works to increase the rate at which the body absorbs this compound to be stored in the cells. This improves energy storage throughout the body.

    How to use Glucofort?

    The GlucoFort is easy to use and quite effective. Just take two pills each day with plain water and it will help boost your energy and immune system to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    The supplement comes in pills that work best late at night when you’re more likely to be sleepy. To be sure you take them on time, start with one GlucoFort capsule each day and increase your dose gradually.

    This blood Sugar Supplement has been designed to help adults of both genders to manage their blood sugar and reduce their risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

    This safe pill may not cause any side effects if consumed as per the official guidelines. The company uses natural ingredients at the right dosage to provide optimum results.

    Furthermore, the makers claim that no chemicals, fillers, or stimulants have been added to the Glucofort pills.

    There are certain limitations associated with the usage of Glucofort. It is not a product for children or pregnant ladies. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, take advice from a licensed healthcare provider before you start using this formula.

    Scientific Evidence for Glucofort

    In one of the videos on the Glucofort website, the makers claim that their product has been proven to reduce the risk of developing diabetes in a human clinical trial and can permanently eliminate diabetes from the body. Although the evidence isn’t conclusive, they imply that it could actually treat diabetes in some cases.

    What does science say about Glucofort? Does the FDA recommend Glucofort as a treatment for diabetes? Glucofort has not been clinically tested. The makers of Glucofort do not claim to have any medical advisory board, nutritional certifications, or other certifications that make them qualified to sell diabetes products online. But the ingredients added in the formula are backed with scientific research, which makes Glucofort safe and trustworthy product.

    Evidence shows that guggul, the main ingredient in GlucoFort’s product, can help regulate blood sugar and even promote weight loss. Guggul has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for overall health and wellness. Although it has not been proven to cure diabetes, reverse diabetes, or significantly lower blood sugar in most people, a small study on guggul found that 25mg to 125mg of guggul resin per day could help support blood sugar in a small way.

    Many studies suggest guggul’s effects are similar to estrogen; however, many experts say the research showing positive results in animals is not enough for guggul to be considered safe and effective for women.

    Biotin is an important nutrient for the overall body and both men and women. It’s found in a lot of diabetes supplements. Glucofort is one of those supplements that contain a significant amount of biotin, and it also contains chromium, which has been linked to improved glucose levels.

    Glucofort contains a modest amount of bitter melon, which has been studied as an anti-diabetic agent in a few clinical trials. While its potential uses for diabetics are promising, more research is needed before its effectiveness and side effects can be determined.

    Studies have found that a dose of 500mg to 5,000mg of the bitter melon extract can support blood sugar. However, this seems much larger than the dose used in Glucofort.

    Similarly, many diabetics take licorice supplements to help support blood sugar. In this 2011 study, researchers discovered that licorice extract antioxidants help restore kidney function and manage blood sugar.

    Licorice is an interesting and surprising ingredient in weight loss products. Some evidence suggests that licorice may slightly lower blood sugar. However, there’s no large-scale scientific evidence that licorice extract can lower blood sugar levels, or support weight loss efforts.

    Many of Glucofort’s ingredients have been studied for their link to blood sugar support in clinical studies, including herbs, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients are used to help you balance your blood sugar and improve energy levels.

    However, there’s no evidence that you can cure diabetes, reverse diabetes, stop taking your diabetes medication, or stop following your doctor’s treatment plan after taking Glucotest.

    Glucofort Price and Discount

    Currently, the Glucofort supplement is only available online at the official website. One bottle contains 30 dietary pills that can last for a month of regular use.

    You can buy Glucofort in three price packages, and the manufacturer offers bulk purchase discounts.

    Let us have a look at the price packages:

    • Get one bottle for just $69 + small shipping charges
    • Buy three bottles of Glucofort for 90 days of supply for $177 + Free shipping.
    • Buy six bottles of Glucofort for 180 days of supply for $294 + Free shipping.

    Choosing a three or six bottles package is recommended, as the results may take between 90 to 180 days. And the more you buy, the more you save.

    Glucofort has been manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that follows GMP standards. It is safe, effective, and 100% natural.


    Glucofort Refund Policy

    The manufacturer believes in the product and offers a 60-day moneyback guarantee. If a user is not satisfied after trying out the Glucofort supplement, then they are eligible to ask for a full refund.

    If they have any issues, they can call the company’s toll-free number, or e-mail the company within 60 days of the date of purchase.

    Glucofort Reviews: FAQS

    Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Glucofort

    Who should take Glucofort?

    Glucofort is best for any person who is close to diabetes. Anyone over 18 years old can use it, following the daily dosage as recommended by the company.

    When can we expect results from Glucofort?

    Expect the results to come in three to six months of regularly consuming the product. Also, the time taken to get the results may vary for everyone, depending upon various independent factors.

    For how much time, one should take Glucofort?

    You can use Glucofort for as long as you want, as the herbal composition makes it safe for long-term use, even after six months. This product is tested for safety and efficiency and the chances of it causing side effects are zero. You can use it for as long as you need.

    What is the best way to take Glucofort?

    Multivitamins and dietary supplements are usually orally consumed. The daily dosage of Glucofort is two capsules per day with a glass of water. This is the recommended dose for adults.

    Is Glucofort safe?

    Glucofort is safe and effective. Thousands of people are enjoying Glucofort every day. A customer does not post a single negative comment. All Glucofort capsules are manufactured in the USA under safety standards. Ingredients found in Glucofort are derived from organic sources only.

    Can women with gestational diabetes take Glucofort?

    No, it is not recommended to consume this dietary supplement or take advice from a gynecologist.

    Final Verdict

    Glucofort is very effective in reducing blood glucose concentration. It doesn’t matter whether you suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Its ingredients have been chosen carefully to ensure that people suffering from both problems can have relief from a life-threatening problem.

    Glucofort is a product that aims to help rejuvenate your brain and improve your body’s immune response. It contains a natural, plant-based ingredient that helps to keep your heart healthy and boosts your energy level.

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