Meridian Pain Protocol Reviews – Is It Worth Buying?

The Meridian Pain Protocol by Master Lim is a game-changing breakthrough in back pain management. It’s a program designed for individuals who suffer from recurring back pain, which may have reduced their quality of life.

It works by providing you with the tools you need to free your body’s healing energy. According to its creator, the program is based on ancient wisdom revealing how your body can heal without needing modern prescription medication.

Additionally, understanding how the human body works and the factors that cause it to become ill can assist you in avoiding these diseases. Making the Meridian Pain Protocol a part of your daily life can also help boost your quality of life, allowing you to live longer.

How Does the Meridian Pain Protocol Work?

Master Lim, the brains behind Meridian Pain Protocol, has divided this revolutionary back pain management program into six sections. Each section covers a single lesson, which has been meticulously prepared and compiled into a DVD.

Given that this is a subscription-based service, individuals looking to benefit from his wisdom and healing techniques will need to pay a subscription fee to access the member’s area (more on that later).

The best part about this program is that it’s easy, self-explanatory, and can be used on the go. Subscribers don’t need to use any specialized equipment to benefit from it. Moreover, you only need a few seconds to check the diagrams provided and get to work.

How to Relieve Pain Using the Meridian Pain Protocol

Master Lim has provided detailed example films showing you how to get relief from back pain. Our research when writing this review has shown that you’ll need to touch specific spots in your body to get relief from back discomfort.

Most of the exercises provided for back pain relief are simple and short, allowing you to complete each in sixty seconds or less. Master Lim claims that there’s no back pain system that’s as effective as his in the market today.

Provided you follow the blueprint, it shouldn’t take long to get relief and lead a pain-free life. One of the reasons the program has proven effective is that it provides print text and films on what to do.

It’s a program that will help people suffering from oxidative damage or inflammation learn to treat their condition. With time, you’ll learn how to focus your body’s energy enabling it to eliminate toxins and other impurities.

The Meridian Pain Protocol will leave you feeling young yet again!

What’s Included in the Meridian Pain Protocol?

As we mentioned earlier, the Meridian Pain Protocol contains six lessons on how to heal back pain. The following is a breakdown of each lesson and what to expect:

Lesson 1: The Meridian Self-Assessment

The first lesson will require you to perform an essential self-assessment. Its purpose is to determine what’s causing your back pain. Here, you’ll learn how to determine the source of the discomfort, including the location of your Meridian Touch Points.

Note, you need to know their location as you’ll need to use them to obtain short- and long-term pain relief. Master Lim will take you through steps on how to determine your personal ‘Risk Factor Score’ and how to use a towel to address common discomforts.

Lesson 2: The Primary Cause of Your Back Pain

You need to take this lesson seriously as it will take you through all the known causes of back pain/discomfort. From the causes, the next step will focus on how to get rid of this pain by restoring your natural body flow.

By the end of the lesson, you’ll have learned the nine essential vitamins and minerals that are lacking in your diet and what you need to do to get them. Master Lim understands the need to take you through the basics before touching on the meridians.

Lesson 3: The 12 Meridians

The third lesson is crucial as it’s where you learn about all the meridians present in your body. It’s also the lesson that will take you through the procedures you should use to eliminate back pain permanently.

Other takeaways from this lesson include how touching the subway station can provide relief to other areas of your body.

Lesson 4: Neck and Shoulders

Master Lim will begin the lesson by sharing with you a portion of his daily ten-minute ritual that assists in relieving pain in your neck and in relaxing stiff shoulders. In this module, you’ll also learn how the longest meridian in your body could be causing pain in your shoulders.

As the lesson ends, you should walk away having learned practices that can help you eliminate pain in under sixty seconds. It’s a lesson that covers fantastic workouts that help with tight shoulders, migraines, weary eyes, and the flu.

Lesson 5: Upper Back

The simple exercises in this section will become essential to your daily life, especially as you head towards the lower back section. These exercises assist in combating upper back pain and reviving your flexibility.

Lesson 6: Lower Back

Lastly, you’ll arrive at the program’s final goal, which deals with ways you can eliminate lower back pain and discomfort for good. It focuses on training you on ways to stretch and strengthen your lower back in a few minutes.

Master Lim will take you through steps you can use to regain your equilibrium and three self-therapy techniques that help in relieving pain fast. It’s also the lesson that will teach you how to find the meridian touch point behind your knee.

Pricing and Availability

The Meridian Pain Protocol is available on its official website for only $37! In addition, you’ll also receive three bonus guides with your order: The Anti-Pain Cookbook, The Pain-Free Sleep Protocol, and The Health Secrets Bible.

The Meridian Pain Protocol and access to the private membership area come with a 365-day guarantee. If you aren’t pain-free and satisfied with your purchase, you can contact customer support via the website and get your money back.



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