Mike Tyson IM-21 Reviews: Iron Matrix 21 Burn + Build Supplements

Athletics with powerful muscles and well-toned abs are appealing. However, even the most famous athletes like Mike Tyson can have issues that result in extra fat layers and loss of lean muscles. Most people claim that aging men lose their muscular sculpt because of declining testosterone levels. Thus, it is common to find older men using steroids, following gruesome dietary and exercise routines to maintain their muscular physique.

IM-21 is a dietary formula created by legendary champion Mike Tyson promising to enhance muscle growth regardless of age. According to Mike Tyson, low testosterone levels are not the only reason for the loss of muscles. Poor gut health accelerates the loss of testosterone and makes it impossible for your system to absorb amino acids and other peptides, making it impossible to maintain a lean figure. Is Mike Tyson’s IM-21 formula safe? How does it work?

What is the IM-21 Supplement?

Mike Tyson and his team at IM-21 claim that older men lose their muscular bodies because of an increase in enzyme aromatase. Your body must have adequate proteins to support muscle growth. However, age and unhealthy dietary habits increase enzyme aromatase that converts testosterone into estrogen. Consequently, men start losing their masculine features and develop feminine characteristics such as the ability to add fat quickly and the growth of “male boobs.”

IM-21 is easy to make, and it does not require users to make any overwhelming changes to their diet or lifestyle. It comes in two delicious flavors, making it easy to consume. Iron Matrix 21 should be taken in the morning and evening for maximum benefits. The AM formula boosts your energy levels and helps you stay focused for extended periods. At the same time, the PM drink supports better sleep and helps your body rejuvenate and rebuild.

How Does IM-21 Work?

IM-21 comprises natural ingredients in clinical dosages to enhance your overall health. Instead of growing only the muscles, it supports the digestive system, fights stubborn fat, increases metabolic rates, keeps your energy high, and enables users to remain sharp and focused throughout the day, among other perks.

IM-21 works by fixing your digestive system, therefore, allowing your system to break down and utilize proteins and other nutrients essential for growth. People with poor gastrointestinal health consume proteins later stored as fat instead of getting used in the system as amino acids and other peptides.

According to the creator, IM-21 helps your body stay in an Anabolic Growth Mode regardless of age. Also, Iron Matrix 21 accelerates fat oxidation and boosts your energy levels throughout the day. Thus, users can increase performance and their cognitive health.

Iron Matrix 21 Ingredients



HMB accelerates metabolic rates, allowing your system to have adequate energy levels. Consequently, it boosts your workout performance and accelerates recovery rates. HMB also prevents muscle wasting and improves the function of creatine.

Multiple clinical trials show that HMB can improve muscle mass in aging individuals. Further, it enhances strength and stamina hence boosting workout performance.

Vitamin D3

IM-21 maker claims it can support your immune system and strengthen the bones. Vitamin D3 also prevents unhealthy inflammations to the muscles and bones. Additionally, it accelerates testosterone production in men, leading to muscle growth, better sexual health, healthy aging, improved memory, and stable moods, among other benefits.


Creatine is a must-have ingredient in most bodybuilding supplements. It supports the repair of muscles and facilitates recovery after strenuous workouts. Similarly, creatine helps sleep quality and is essential in restoring muscle cells. Research shows that you need a daily dose of 3g creatine to boost muscle growth.

Protease (Papain)

It enables your system to break down proteins into bodybuilding units (amino acids and peptides). Protease also enhances the digestive system, enabling your system to absorb protein molecules.


Fructose does not cause a blood sugar spike. Instead, your liver converts it into glycogen for energy production. Similarly, fructose plus creatine boosts the absorption and retention of nutrients in the muscle cells.

Fulvic Acids

It works towards igniting and repairing your digestive system. Consequently, your system will be able to digest proteins and utilize them in muscle-building blocks instead of converting them into fats. Similarly, Fulvic acid enhances the transportation of amino acids into muscles cells hence boosting muscle development.

Fulvic acid improves sleep quality, allowing your muscles to repair and rebuild. Better sleep is proven to prevent the conversion of amino acids into fat molecules.


It is among the most abundant form of amino acid in the human body. Glycine supports the growth of muscles and prevents the conversion of lean muscles into fat cells. In addition, it helps your system to balance moods and alleviate stress. Glycine is also the primary ingredient in the natural production of creatine.

Iron Matrix 21 includes Cordyceps, valerian root, GABA, melatonin, caffeine, taurine, glutamine, l-Phenylalanine, and L-Tryptophan.

IM-21 Dosage

IM-21 Burn – It is the morning dose in the form of a foil stick. The creator recommends you pour it into 8 ounces of water and drink it. You will experience a sudden rush of energy, and your system stays that way (full of energy) throughout the day.

IM-21 Build – It is also in the form of a stick that you pour into 8 ounces of water and drink. You can opt to mix it with a hot cup of water or almonds milk. The IM-21 Build helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for adequate hours to allow your system to repair and rebuild.

Benefits of IM-21 Supplement

  • It supports natural muscle growth and prevents muscle wasting
  • It boosts sleep quality and helps your body to repair
  • It keeps your energy levels high for extended periods, thus augmenting your performance
  • It fortifies your natural immunity
  • It reduces unhealthy inflammations and supports muscle and bone health
  • It supports the sexual health of men by increasing testosterone levels
  • It stabilizes moods and alleviates stress and anxiety
  • It can accelerate fat oxidation
  • It supports brain growth and development

IM-21 Pricing

Iron Matrix 21 is only available via the official website. It takes less than four business days to ship IM-21 packages in the US. The creator recommends taking a 6-month supply of Iron Matrix 21 to ensure you get quality results.

Contact IM-21 Customer Support and Address

  • 274 W 700 S
  • Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
  • 866-GET-IM21
  • support@im-21.com
  • Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (Mountain Time)

Final Word

Low testosterone levels result in less motivation, low energy levels, bone issues, loss of lean muscles, erratic moods, poor sleep quality, and declining immunity, among other nasty side effects. IM-21 supposedly has the right plant extracts to reduce aromatase levels and support muscle growth. Each serving provides the users with high energy levels, better cognition, healthy aging, and fortified immunity, among other benefits. You can purchase Iron Matrix 21 via the official website at discounted prices! >>>


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