SkinnyFit Repair & Recover Review: Effective Powder That Works?

SkinnyFit Repair & Recover is a post-workout powder that is vegan, dairy-free, non-GMO, and gluten-free. While working out keeps you healthy, you also have to reassure your muscles that they can repair and recover post-workout so that they do not wear down too quickly over time.

As you work out, your muscles are regularly worked and need repair once you are finished with your exercise. If you are looking for a way to repair and recover your muscles, consider trying SkinnyFit Repair & Recover.

This is a tropical-flavored powder that you scoop into a drink bottle with the suggested amount of liquid (whether water or juice), mix it, and drink it after your workout. Each canister comes with 30 servings (1 scoop per serving which measures 7g). This is a one-month supply if you choose to work out every day throughout the month.

How does SkinnyFit Repair & Recover work?

The antioxidants, amino acids, and other ingredients in SkinnyFit Repair & Recover work harmoniously to deliver you these 3 ways that the formula works for your body after each workout:

Lowers How Much Soreness You Feel

All the amino acids and other ingredients combined help to reduce how much soreness you feel after a workout. Since soreness is tense after a workout, you need a way to take the pain away. Thanks to the L-Isoleucine and L-Valine that help to repair your muscles quicker, you will feel less sore for the rest of the day after your workout.

Repairs Your Muscles

The L-Isoleucine and the L-Valine work to repair your muscles after a strenuous workout so that they can return to what they were during pre-workout.

Helps You To Cut Weight

Because the overall formula helps to increase the burn in calories from your workout, you will have more unneeded fat burned off your waist as your lean muscles become enhanced for stronger, leaner body composition.

Ingredients Present in SkinnyFit Repair & Recover

A host of amino acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients are in SkinnyFit Repair & Recover to actively relax your muscles back to their normal selves when you are done with your workout.

The ingredients include:


The turmeric in this post-workout powder gives your drink a natural yellow color. Turmeric has even been found to have anti-inflammatory functions according to scientific studies, which is an added plus for it being present in this supplement. Your digestive system will operate more healthfully thanks to turmeric.


L-Leucine is an amino acid that our body does not make on its own. Hence, we must get the amino acid into our bodies whether from food or health supplements like SkinnyFit Repair & Recover. This amino acid is the most plentiful of the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).


This amino acid will help you to recover your energy levels and repair your muscles after a difficult exercising regimen.


L-Valine is one of the other BCAAs, which help you to grow regularly, tissue repair, keep your blood sugar levels normal, and boost your energy levels.

L-Carnitine in the Form of L-Tartrate

L-carnitine in the form of L-Tartrate is responsible for transferring fatty acids to the mitochondria of each cell throughout your body. These fatty acids delivered to your cells act as energy boosters so that you can feel that increase in your energy levels post-workout.


L-Tyrosine is a vital amino acid responsible for creating protein to help your body in multiple ways. While tyrosine is naturally made in your body from another amino acid, phenylalanine, it’s a good added ingredient in this post-workout powder for you to get the most nutrients out of your experience drinking this supplement.


Benefits of SkinnyFit Repair & Recover

The benefits of SkinnyFit Repair & Recover are:

  • The BCAAs in SkinnyFit Repair & Recover repair the lean muscles that were worked strenuously during your workout.
  • Reduces fat stored in your body by further enhancing the calories that were burned during your workout.
  • Helps your muscles to recover back to their normal selves as they heal from being overworked.
  • Anti-inflammatory functions thanks to turmeric.

SkinnyFit Repair & Recover Prices and Discounts

One bottle of SkinnyFit Repair & Recover costs $42.95 for a one-time purchase.

Signing up for a monthly subscription will help you to save 20% on each canister for the final cost of $34.36 for every canister in your subscription package. If other family members or roommates are taking the same post-workout supplement powder, you can combine it into one monthly subscription package to save the most on your purchase.

SkinnyFit Contact Information

  • 1-888-862-1758
  • hello@skinnyfit.com

Final Word on SkinnyFit Repair & Recover

Post-workout supplements are of utmost importance, especially when you undergo strenuous workouts regularly. Skinny Fit Repair & Recover works to help repair your lean muscle and body overall to be recovered after a workout. This supplement also reassures your muscles do not to become inflamed thanks to the addition of turmeric.

If you are looking for a post-workout supplement that gives you all of these benefits, try a canister of SkinnyFit Repair & Recover and be prepared to be amazed at its results by clicking here! >>>


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