Alaska Airlines honors 2 ‘Legends’

Auburn’s Dave Lawrence and Jan Stork recently were named Alaska Airlines’ Customer Service “Legends.”

Lawrence, a veteran pilot of 28 years, and Stork, a reservations agent, were nominated for the company’s highest honor by their peers.

Lawrence was a leader behind the airline’s fleet of 737-200s for nearly two decades, having taken the reins a few years after the first of Alaska’s signature aircraft rolled off the assembly line.

His dogged determination and contagious personality, coupled with amazing caring and kindness, set the standard for others.

“Dave challenged us to be the best that we could be,” said Sean Ellis, a captain.

Lawrence never wavered in his dedication to the program, despite battling cancer radiation therapy.

Stork has been a caring and passionate voice of Alaska Airlines for over three decades.

In addition to the honor, Stork earned “Agent of the Quarter” honors in 2007.