City accepts grants for six transportation improvement projects

The Washington State Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration have awarded the city of Auburn $6.3 million in grants to advance six different transportation improvement projects.

On Jan. 30, the Auburn City Council formally accepted the funding.

The amounts and awards for the projects are as follows:

• $1.05 million in design funds for the widening of East Valley Highway from Lakeland Hills Way to the south city limits;

• $1,667,000 in design and construction funds for a future roundabout at R and 21st streets Southeast;

• $600,000 in design and construction funds for enhanced pedestrian crossings at M and 33rd streets Southeast at Gildo Rey Elementary; R Street Southeast at the 37th Street trail connection; Southeast 304th Street and 116th Avenue SE; and South 296th Street and 57th Place South.

• $1,125,000 in construction funds for a new street loop and roadway connection between South Division, 4th streets and A Street Southeast;

• $1,118,272 in construction funds for preservation of C Street Southwest from West Main Street to the GSA Signal; and

• $750,000 for construction funds for the Lake Tapps Parkway-Sumner Tapps Highway East preservation, from Lakeland Hills Way to Sumner Tapps Highway East and Sumner Tapps Highway from Lake Tapps Parkway to 16th Street Southeast to the east city limits.