Fire & rescue blotter

The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 173 calls for service between March 31 and April 6:

The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 173 calls for service between March 31 and April 6:

March 31

Aid call: (Lea Hill). Engine 34 was dispatched to an infant male having a febrile seizure. On arrival, Engine 34 found the patient lying on the floor, lethargic and breathing fast. After treatment by VRFA personnel, the patient and his family went to the hospital in the family’s vehicle. Badge stickers and helmets were given to the kids on scene.

April 1

Illegal burn: 3:10 p.m., (Pacific). Engine 38 responded to reports of illegal burning in the 100 block of Alder Lane South. It arrived to find a small fire of dead vegetation with one person in attendance. The responsible party was informed of the rules and regulation as set forth by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. The individual then extinguished the fire.

April 2

Motor vehicle accident: 7:42 a.m., (Auburn). Engine 38 and Aid 32 responded to a reported motor vehicle accident on northbound Hwy 167 just north of Hwy 18. Engine 38 found a high speed, rear-end accident in which the occupant of one of the vehicles had been thrown forward by the impact, striking his head on the windshield. Engine 38 and Aid 32 personnel stabilized and extricated the patient from his vehicle onto a backboard. The patient was transported to Auburn Regional Medical Center (ARMC) by American Medical Response (AMR) for further treatment of his injuries.

April 3

Possible car fire: 2:01 p.m., (Auburn). Engine 38 was dispatched to a car fire on Highway 18. A citizen, who was test driving a car from a dealer, noticed flames coming from the rear of the car and pulled off the highway. A passing King County Sheriff’s deputy stopped and extinguished the small fire. Engine 38 checked the vehicle and found the fire was out. Apparently, a rear wheel brake had frozen, overheating the brake and starting a small fire. The Washington State Patrol provided traffic assistance while the citizen contacted the car dealer to have the vehicle towed off the freeway.

April 4

Aid call: 1:40 p.m., (Pacific). Engine 38 responded for an aid call. Engine 38 arrived to find a female with severe abdominal pain. VRFA EMT’s took vitals, evaluated the patient and had her transported to ARMC via AMR ambulance for further evaluation.

April 5

Aid call: 8:30 p.m., (Auburn). Aid 31 was dispatched to an initial call of a man lying in the middle of the road. A few minutes later the call was upgraded to a CPR and Engine 31, Battalion 31 and King County Medic 6 were dispatched. Aid 31 arrived first to find a male lying in the road with a female bystander performing CPR. Upon examination, the aid crew found the patient had a pulse and was breathing and did not require CPR. The patient was semi-conscious and combative. VRFA firefighters, with the help of Auburn Police, restrained the patient for transport to ARMC by Aid 31.

April 6

Floor fire: 8:12 a.m., (Lea Hill). VRFA and mutual aid units from the Kent Fire Department were dispatched to the 29400 block of 112th Ave SE for a report of smoke inside a residence. On arrival, VRFA units contacted the homeowner who stated that he had awakened to find a light haze and odor of smoke inside his house. VRFA units found that a plastic garbage can had been partially filled with ash from a wood burning stove and left on the living room floor. The ash had burned a hole in both the can and the floor beneath it. Engine 31 used a chainsaw to open a hole in the floor and was able to remove charred material. The residence was turned over to the owner with an estimated $5,000 in damage due to the fire.