Flood Control District approves budget that protects lives, property, and the bottom line

Adopted budget supports Auburn, Pacific projects

The King County Flood Control District (FCD) Board of Supervisors gave its unanimous approval Monday to a 2017 budget that will keep the levy that supports the district at its 2016 level while expanding partnerships with agencies that work in collaboration with the district in keeping people safe.

“The King County Flood Control District’s purpose is to work towards finding regional solutions to flooding,” said Reagan Dunn, chair of the FCD Board of Supervisors. “I am proud of the District for increasing the scope of work for projects around King County while maintaining the same levy amount from 2016.”

“I’m proud to support this budget because it prioritizes keeping people safe and also builds upon successful partnerships within the County to leverage flood prevention efforts,” said Dave Upthegrove, vice chair of the board of supervisors. “This funding will strengthening the levy systems in the Green and Cedar Rivers, improve salmon and wildlife habitat, and reduce flood risk in South King County.”

The adopted $71.5 million budget focuses on protecting lives and maintaining access to communities through partnerships with the King County Sheriff and the County Roads Division. The FCD will provide funds to the Sheriff to help fund the department’s Marine Unit, which is used to help rescue residents impacted by flood waters.

“Partnerships and collaboration such as this strengthens our communities. By working together we are able to continue vital service needed during a flooding event –the Sheriff’s Marine Unit-as well as provide funding for the continuation of work to lessen the potential impact of floodwaters on our residents,” said Supervisor Pete von Reichbauer.

The budget also will provide funding to the King County Roads Division to help prevent, and when necessary mitigate, the impact of floodwaters on roadways that can cut off and isolate communities in rural King County.

“In 2017, the Flood Control District will accomplish several critical infrastructure improvement projects that will protect neighborhoods from being isolated in flood events. We will also be developing a flood damage response team that can more quickly respond to issues that arise after flood events,” said Supervisor Kathy Lambert. “These projects will greatly improve public safety in our area and throughout King County.”

Pacific and the White River

There is strong concern about flooding along the White River and the impact floodwaters have on the City of Pacific. The FCD budget will provide funding to complete construction of the Countyline setback project and to monitor flood water levels with new gauges along the White River.

The approved budget includes roadway improvements associated with the Porter Levee setback project near Auburn.

Along with the partnership projects, the FCD budget will continue its support of construction and improvements of the regional flood protection system. One of those projects will involve improvements to the current protection system along I-90 to reduce the possibility of this vital East-West corridor being closed due to flooding.

“The adopted budget focuses on ensuring that rural communities are protected from flooding, but it also understands that urban flooding continues to be an issue and provides funding to help cities combat and mitigate flooding,” said Supervisor Larry Gossett.

Habitat restoration continues to be an important part of the FCD. The adopted budget will continue the FCD’s role in restoration by continuing work on the Willowmoor Transition Zone project and funding Water Resource Inventory Area grants.

Information is available at kingcountyfloodcontrol.org.