Man accused of threatening to kill Walgreens employee

According to Auburn Police, staff of the Walgreens at 1701 Auburn Way South had asked Arnez T. Cater to leave their store in February because they believed he was stealing items.

Arnez did leave on that day, but over the following weeks, kept coming back, Police say.

On the evening of March 20, according to Police, Arnez was at that Walgreens once again, but this time upped his game from nuisance to threatening to “pop” an employee with what she believed to be a gun.

On March 23, the King County Prosecuting Attorneys Office charged the 23-year-old Federal Way man with one count of first-degree felony harassment.

At Cater’s bail hearing, King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Susan Hunsinger asked the court to set his bail at $25,000, arguing that Cater is a danger to the community, has a lengthy criminal record, and a record of failing to appear in court in response to a summons.

“Given the similar, and concerning, allegations in both cases, there is a high likelihood the defendant will commit a violent offense if released,” Hunsinger told the court. The phrase “both cases” refers to a second-degree robbery case pending in King County Superior Court. Court records claim he got in a fight with a convenience store employee while he, Arnez, was stealing cash from the register. Cater has posted $10,000 bond on that robbery case.

Cater’s arraignment is at 9 a.m. April 6 in the GA courtroom of the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.

Here is what happened, according to the Certification for Determination of Probable Cause prepared by an Auburn Police detective.

According to the write-up, a month before the incident, Walgreens staff had asked Cater to leave for the reason cited above. He kept coming in although he would leave when employees confronted him.

On March 20, according to the write up, an employee had asked him to leave two times, but when she confronted him for the third time as he was standing in an aisle, he allegedly turned toward her, lifted his shirt, displayed what she believed to be a real weapon in his waistband, and asked. “What are you going to do? I’ll pop you.”

According to the write up, the employee then locked herself in a back office and called 911. On security cameras, she told police, she saw him leave and then return. According to the write up, when a store clerk told Cater the police had just been called, he moved quickly to leave just as officers pulled up.

According to the write up, police later found pellet gun a witness had allegedly seen Arnez stash under his vehicle just before their arrival. The pellet gun had the brand-name “Glock” stamped on the side. While Arnez conceded the pellet gun was his, according to the write up, he denied having taken it into the Walgreens or threatening anyone with it.

Cater has a lengthy criminal record, as follows:

In 2012: second-degree theft. first-degree criminal trespassing and third degree theft; In 2014. third-degree theft and first-degree criminal trespassing; In 2015: making a false statement, second-degree burglary and misdemeanor harassment; in 2016: second degree taking a vehicle without permission, hit-and-run unattended, four counts of third degree theft, and one count of first degree criminal trespassing; in 2017: second-degree criminal trespassing; in 2018: first degree criminal trespassing, fourth-degree assault, a fourth-degree assault domestic violence; in 2019: three counts of VNCO domestic violence, obstruction and third-degree theft; in 2020 third degree theft, obstruction and misdemeanor escape 2021: fourth-degree assault, displaying a weapon and third degree theft 2022: first degree criminal trepassing. riminal and third degree malicious mischief.