Man charged with assault on Auburn senior citizen and attempted vehicle theft

Auburn Police claim Steven W Jackson punched the 74-year Auburn man who had caught Jackson sleeping in the man’s car on May 18 and then threatened to have his underground mafia buddies kill him.

On May 20, the King County Prosecutors’s Office charged Jackson, 39 with one count of felony harassment and one count of attempted theft of motor vehicle.

Jackson, who is homeless, is in King County jail on $5,000 bail.

At Jackson’s bail hearing on May 20, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kavvon Behroozian told the court that Jackson the bail was needed to compel Jackson to to appear in court as he had failed to respecting other recent cases against him, as indeed, had not appeared for his first appearance in the present case.

«Considering the circumstances, there seems to be nothing that would prevent him for behaving in this way again, including a court order,» Behroozian said. “We know because he has had two warrants issued for failing to comply with a court order in 2918 and 2019, and both involve misdemeanors less serious than the ones he faces under this cause number.

“…He presents a danger to the community. When confronted, his immediate response was to punch a 74 year old man,” who was using a walker,” Behroozian said.

Jackson’s criminal history includes convictions for driving with a suspended license and an ignition-interlock violationin 2019. and in 2017, for second-degree criminal trespassing and driving under the influence.

Here, according to the Auburn Police Certification of Determination of Probable Cause, on which the prosecuting attorney’s office will base its case, is a summary of what happened.

According to the CDPC, the 74-year-old man had left his apartment at Villas at Auburn Apartments at 1221 A St.NE to shortly before noon to walk his dog on May 18 when he noticed his car door was open.

According to the CDPC, the man approached the car and saw Jackson sitting in the driver’s seat. According to Auburn police, when the car’s owner opened the door, Jackson punched him once below his Adam’s apple, and then three to four times behind his right ear.

With the car’s owner overwhelmed by fear that «this was going to be the end for him.» according to the CDPC, Jackson allegedly pushed him away, causing him to fall, and then he, Jackson, walked away.

According to the CDPC, Jackson returned and his victim punched him out of fear. As Jackson walked away a second time, he told the man he would get his buddies to come and kill him, and the man was afraid this would happen ,particularly because Jackson knows where he lives and where he parks his car.

According to write up, Jackson, still uttering threats, then sat on a nearby bench.

According to the CDPD, Jackson admitted to assaulting the man but said the man had assaulted him first. Allegedly, he told police that everyone knew he had been sitting inside the car when the manopened the door and assaulted him, He said he had found a key in the vehicle and had been trying to start the car when he fell asleep.

According to the CDPD, Jackson said the owner of the car appeared to be old and his punches had not hurt.