New South King County transfer station in Algona closer to reality | VIDEO

The King County Council on Monday gave its unanimous approval to an agreement for the construction of a new South County Recycling and Transfer Station in Algona.

The agreement is the next step in the replacement of the transfer station off West Valley Highway South that has been in use for over a half-century and is reaching the end of its operational lifespan.

“Today’s approval of the South King County Transfer Station is the result of strong collaboration between the stakeholders,” said King County Council member Pete von Reichbauer, whose district includes Algona. “Through a transparent and cooperative process, we were able to reach an agreement that not only benefits the city of Algona and South King County, but the region as a whole.”

The current transfer station sits on property the county has owned since the 1930s, which has been home to the transfer station since the 1960s. In 2007, the council approved the Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Management Plan, which called for the modernization of transfer facilities to accommodate the region’s growth and to provide efficient and cost-effective services to customers.

The plan called for a new transfer station in South King County to replace the aging Algona facility.

The county’s Solid Waste Division selected a site at 35101 West Valley Highway S., a former gravel mine that’s about a quarter-mile north of the current facility in Algona.

Monday’s agreement between the county and the City of Algona begins the process of building the new transfer station.

The agreement also includes the county making improvements to West Valley Highway to mitigate the impacts that will come with a larger facility. A related land transfer between Algona and the county still needs council approval and is scheduled for a vote in November.

“Algona has always been regionally supportive and looks forward to working with King County on this project,” said Algona Mayor Dave Hill. “We feel the needs of both the city and the county are met with this agreement.”

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