Pacific police chief arrested on suspicion of drunken driving

Pacific Police Chief John Calkins was arrested Tuesday evening for investigation of drunken driving.

Bonney Lake police officers pulled Calkins over in Sumner after a driver called to report that a vehicle westbound on Highway 410 was veering in and out of its lane.

The driver identified himself to the officers as the Pacific police chief. After the arrest, Calkins was taken to the Bonney Lake Police Department, cited and released.

“He has a number of hours built up for leave time, so he’s using the leave time to take personal time off,” Pacific Mayor Richard Hildreth said Thursday. “He does not want to detract from the professionalism of the department by creating a media circus.”

Hildreth added that the matter will be handled in court.

“We’re not touching this,” Hildreth said.

Calkins will make his first court appearance Wednesday.