Party Patrol continues crackdown

Party Patrol – a crackdown on underage drinking – is paying off for local police agencies.

The multi-jurisdictional effort coordinated by the King County Sheriff’s Office arrested 40 people on a variety of charges over the weekend.

The majority of the arrests were for minor in possession of alcohol (28), but others were arrested for DUI (1) felony drug possession (2), obstructing police officers (2), furnishing alcohol to minors (1) and a reckless driving arrest.

In addition, three people were arrested for outstanding misdemeanor arrest warrants and two store clerks were arrested for selling to underage customers.

Deputies and officers from Enumclaw, Black Diamond, Federal Way and Renton police, with assistance of agents from Liquor Control, had Party Patrol duties in southeast King County. While no parties were found, 27 businesses were checked to see if they would sell alcohol to someone clearly not 21 years old. Only two stores did, one in Black Diamond and one in unincorporated King County. Those clerks were cited and released.

Typically persons under the age of 18 found drinking will be arrested, then released only to their parents, or booked into the Youth Center. Those between 18 and 21, as well as parents or other adults providing the premise for the party will get a misdemeanor citation and could be booked into jail.