Police blotter

Auburn police responded

Auburn police responded

to the following calls for service between April 8 and April 7:


Theft from motor vehicle: 8 a.m., 2402 Auburn Way S. A trio of Muckleshoot Casino patrons ran out of money and decided to sell a stereo so as to continue gambling. One of them met an unknown male who said he would buy the stereo. One of the patrons stood near her Honda while the male entered said Honda and stole said stereo and a backpack that was in the back seat.

Robbery with firearm: 12:10 a.m., 20 E St. N.E. Three males robbed a juvenile at gunpoint. He handed his money over to the males and they fled on foot.

DUI: 10:24 p.m., 2000 block of R Street Southeast. A highly liquored-up man left in his vehicle from a verbal domestic disagreement, whereupon he struck another vehicle then drove away at a high rate of speed northbound on R Street Southeast, fishtailing as he went. While doing that, the guy struck a fire hydrant, then a mailbox then left the roadway, striking a fence and turning his car over onto the driver’s side. Police arrested the man for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Shoplifting: 8:50 p.m., 1101 Supermall Way S.W. Store security at the Burlington Coat Factory detained a person identified as “male,” age undefined, for shoplifting and vandalism, but he slipped away from his detention before police arrived.


Burglary: 8 a.m., 119 7th St. S.E. Between April 4 and April 7, somebody by nefarious means got into the fenced-in area behind Scarff Ford/Isuzu and stole two flatscreen HD televisions from the back of an advertising truck and a motor home parked next to it. No value was given.