Police blotter

Auburn police responded to the following calls for service between Sept. 24 and Sept. 19:

Auburn police responded to the following calls for service between Sept. 24 and Sept. 19:

SEPT. 24

Felony eluding:

10:45 p.m., 2402 Auburn Way S. Police arrested two persons

at the Muckleshoot Casino on felony warrants after a car chase. The driver earned himself his own booking for attempting to elude a police officer and for being a convicted bad boy with a firearm.

SEPT. 23

Vandalism: 11:10 a.m., 600 block of 35th Street Northeast. Somebody tried to break into a vehicle at Hi-Top Storage, but other than damaging a lock, this morning attempt at thievery failed.

Assault: 8 a.m.,

1015 24th St. N.E. Three kids assaulted a Cascade Middle School student in some way as she was walking to school, resulting perhaps in injuries, perhaps not, police didn’t say.

Shoplifting: 2:35 p.m., 101 Auburn Way N. Police arrested a kid for shoplifting some unknown item from Safeway.

Theft from motor vehicle: 4:43 p.m.,

1347 Auburn Way N. Somebody cut half of the catalytic convertor from a car parked in the Albertson’s parking lot.

Theft of undies:

6:29 p.m., 1126

Supermall Way S.W. Police arrested a girl for swiping two pairs of panties, valued at $3.48 from the Burlington Coat Factory. The girl told police she was real sorry for swiping those panties and no way would she do that again.

SEPT. 22

Theft: 11 a.m.,

1500 A St. N.E.

A female – young, old, who knows – stole 21 potted plants from the Pea Patch.

Shoplifting: 5:25 p.m., 1425 Supermall Way S.W. Police arrested two boys after Wal-Mart’s loss prevention squad detained them on suspicion of swiping five cases of gum, two cans of spray deodorant and a razor.

Burglary: 6:38 p.m., 12000 block of Southeast 310th Street. Somebody broke into

a house and stole firearms and other items yet unnamed sometime between Sept. 20 and Sept. 22.

Assault: 5 p.m.,

400 block of M Street Northeast. A woman reported that her stepfather spanked her

3-year-old son without her permission.

Theft from motor vehicle: Overnight, 3000 block of M Drive Northeast. A citizen, gender not given, reported that he or she left $78 in his or her car while it was sitting unlocked in his or her driveway overnight.

SEPT. 19

Theft from motor

vehicle: 11 a.m.,

123 W. Main St. Between June 15 and

Sept. 19, some sneak thief stole a catalytic converter from a car parked at the Main Street Garage. No value was given.