Reckless driver loses control of vehicle and strikes four others | Auburn police blotter

Auburn police responded to the following calls for service among many others between June 12 and June 15.

June 12

Assault: 8:15 a.m., 1500 block of 31st Street Southeast. For reasons not given, someone pepper sprayed a guy.

Misdemeanor vandalism: 4:45 p.m., 3700 block of Auburn Way North. Dodgy characters prowled a car and tried to scuttle off with its catalytic converter.

Felonious shoplifting: 5:18 p.m., 801 Auburn Way N. Some guy stole a necklace from the Fred Meyer jewelry store.

June 14

DUI: 7:03 a.m., South 277th Street and Auburn Way North. Police busted a guy for reckless driving and other offenses after he lost control of his vehicle and struck four others. He provided breath samples of 0.163, 0.175, 0.161 and 0.170 approximately two hours post-collision.

Theft: 6 p.m., 1400 block of 8th Street Northeast. Somebody stole a golf cart in the 1400 block of 8th Street Northeast and left it in the 2100 block of 2nd Street Northeast.

Assault: 7:11 p.m., 2402 Auburn Way S. Police investigated a domestic violence assault at the Muckleshoot Casino.

Misdemeanor harassment: 10:10 p.m., 2900 block of C Street Southwest. Someone reported receiving threats via text messages.

June 15

Trespassing: 1:05 p.m., 801 Auburn Way N. Whatever’s on the guy’s list going forward, he won’t find it at Fred Meyer because the store kicked out this unwelcome person and told him not to show himself there any more.

Suspicious stuff: 2:57 p.m., 3000 block of Street Southeast. A guy was driving on A Street Southeast when a loud bang disturbed the early afternoon calm and his rear passenger window shattered.