Sound Transit authorizes contract for Auburn Station parking and area improvements

The Sound Transit Board has authorized the award to Absher Construction of Puyallup of a design-build contract for a new Auburn parking garage and other access improvements.

The project should be completed in early 2027 and will serve Sounder S Line passengers and users of Sound Transit Express and other transit services. In addition to parking, improvements for walking, bicycling and transit users will be part of the project. These could include curb extensions, enhanced crosswalks, accessible curb ramps and new bus shelters.

“As South King County and the city of Auburn continue to experience growth, our communities need consistent connections to reliable transit,” said Auburn Mayor and Sound Transit Boardmember Nancy Backus. “Investments like this are part of the region’s long-term strategy to support growth and ensure residents have access to public transportation service now and in the future.”

The project dates back to the administration of former Mayor Chuck Booth in the 1990s, and has been delayed numerous times, with concomitant cost increases.

“I am pleased Sound Transit is fulfilling the promise made to the citizens of Auburn. The first transit station in the system was built here with the specific promise another would be built to accommodate the needs of our people,” Lewis said.

Businesses and residents near the Auburn Station can expect more information about progress on the $60 million project and its impacts in the coming months. Major construction activities should begin early next year.

Sound Transit’s Sounder S Line train service gives South King County residents a dependable, traffic-free trip to and from Seattle. The ride, with Wi-Fi, between Auburn Station and Seattle’s King Street Station takes about 35 minutes. Weekend service is also offered for select major sporting events.

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