Suspect attempts to lure 7th-grader into vehicle in Auburn

The King County Sheriff’s Office has started investigations into a report of a luring attempt on a Muckleshoot Tribal School student in Auburn.

According to a letter distributed to families on Sept. 8, a Muckleshoot Tribal School 7th-grader notified a school bus staff member that same day that a stranger driving a vehicle had approached her and asked her whether she wanted a ride.

The King County Sheriff’s Office department described the suspect as a Hispanic man driving a gold four-door sedan.

The student ignored the man’s request to enter his vehicle and the driver continued to encourage her to enter his vehicle until an adult arrived at the bus stop, according to the letter.

The King County Sheriff’s Office received a report of the incident and responded to investigate.

According to the sheriff’s department, law enforcement have not identified the individual and vehicle as of Sept. 11.

Investigation into the incident continues, according to the sheriff’s department. The department declined to release further details.

The King County Sheriff’s Department will increase patrols around all school bus stops at morning and afternoon dismissal, according to the letter.

Rollin Fatland, a tribal spokesman, said the tribal council hoped to spread awareness of the incident and for parents and guardians to speak with children regarding being aware of one’s surroundings at the bus stop.

“Consider waiting with your children at the bus stop or driving them to and from the school. … We are encouraging families and students to communicate with Muckleshoot Tribal School staff and law enforcement,” stated Eric Wyand, chief school administrator for the Muckleshoot Tribal School, in the letter to families. “If a student senses immediate danger, they should call 911.”