Upcoming street repair and construction projects in Auburn

This will be a busy year for street repair and construction in Auburn.

On Jan. 22, Senior Engineer and Assistant Public Works Director Jacob Sweeting and Senior Project Engineer Matt Larson brought Auburn City Council members up to date on a few of them.

The city of Auburn has 37 active capital projects on the boards with an approximate total project value of $100 million, with 29 of those projects in the planning stage and eight of them under construction.

When you are on the move, be on the lookout for these and plan accordingly.

Lake Tapps Parkway and Sumner-Tapps Highway preservation project: This will replace top 2 inches of asphalt on Lake Tapps Parkway and Sumner-Tapps Highway from Lakeland Hills Way to the city limits at 16th Street East.

A Street Loop: This project will build a one-way, eastbound, roadway connection between South Division Street and A Street Southeast. The city expects to break ground on this project in February and wrap up construction this summer.

D Street Southeast and 23rd Street Southeast storm improvements: This project is meant to eliminate areas of localized flooding and make better use of available capacity in regional infiltration storm pond at 21st Street Southeast. It will also improve water and sewer utility infrastructure, restore existing roadway pavement, and replace the section of gravel roadway on D Street Southeast between and 25th Street Southeast with asphalt pavement. “We’re hopeful we can get this one completed by the end of this construction season,” Larson said

Coal Creek Springs transmission main replacement: This work will replace the 100-year-old water main that crosses under the White River with a utility bridge over the river, which will double as a pedestrian connection between Game Farm Park and Game Farm Wilderness Park. “We don’t get the opportunity to build bridges very often, so we’re really excited about this one,” Larson said. “We’re waiting for the fabrication of materials…We’re hoping to get this one completed this year.”

R Street Southeast preservation: This project will replace the top 2-inches of roadway from 33rd Street to 37th Street Southeast, paint the roadway to include a center turn lane, more street lighting, a non-motorized, shared-used path and other underground utility improvements. The city anticipates breaking ground this spring and continuing construction through the summer months.

Runway and taxiway improvements: This project will upgrade the taxiway and runway lighting at the Auburn Municipal Airport, extend the runway safety area at the south end, and preserve the existing runway and taxiway pavement. The work will require a closure of the runway in May.

C Street preservation: This project will patch and replace roadway surface pavement on C Street Southwest between West Main Street and the GSA signal, and make other improvements to water, storm, and sewer utilities within the project area.

Regional Growth Center access improvements: This work will focus on the 3rd Street and 4th Street Northeast corridor between Auburn Avenue and Auburn Way, effecting improvements to traffic operations, and circulation, stormwater, traffic signals and street lighting. Construction should start this spring,

Garden Avenue realignment: The last project here will build an east-west connection between 102nd Avenue Southeast (Garden Avenue) and 104th Avenue Southeast. It will eliminate the existing Garden Avenue connection to 8th Street Northeast and replace it with a permanent cul-de-sac. Utility improvements include storm drainage needed to support the roadway surface and new water and sewer mains.