VRFA fire and rescue blotter | June 15

Between June 4 and 10, the Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 248 calls for service, among them the following:

June 4

Aid call: 6:34 p.m., (Auburn). Firefighters evaluated an Auburn senior citizen who’d fallen and hurt herself, and a friend drove her in his or her vehicle to MultiCare Auburn Medical Center (MAMC) for further evaluation and treatment.

June 5

Smoke investigation: 8:35 p.m., (Pacific). Firefighters called to investigate smoke in a neighborhood found a resident illegally burning grass and yard debris. Firefighters and the homeowner extinguished the fire, and firefighters schooled the errant fellow on outdoor burning regulations.

June 6

Aid call: 4:37 p.m.,(Lakeland Hills). Firefighters responding to a man who was suffering an allergic reaction discovered he had self-administered an auto-injection of Epinephrine. A private ambulance zipped the man off to MAMC.

June 7

A id call: 12:46 p.m.,(Algona). VRFA personnel and King County Medics evaluated a woman who was complaining of chest pain, and a private ambulance transported her to St Joe’s.

June 8

Auto fire alarm: 6:14 p.m.,(Lea Hill). Crews responding to an automatic fire alarm in an apartment building ended up coaching a man and woman on the correct response to the actions of their wee offspring, who’d tripped the alarm

June 9

A id call: 7:15 a.m., (Auburn). Firefighters and King County Medics assessed a toddler who was in the throes of seizures, and firefighters transported the little boy to MAMC for further treatment.

June 10

Aid call: 10:50 a.m.,(Auburn). Firefighters responding to a CPR call treated a man who was recovering from a seizure, and a VRFA ad car motored him to MAMC.