Janice Kay Anderson Wagner | Obituary

August 20, 1945 – November 2, 2023

With a heavy heart I herald the passing of Janice Kay Anderson Wagner.

Born August 20, 1945 in Denver Colorado

Died November 2, 2023 in Walla Walla Washington

Janice spent her childhood moving between Colorado, Wyoming, and Alaska before landing in Washington and graduating from Issaquah High School in 1963. She studied to be a teacher at Western Washington University before moving to Auburn and starting a family. First living in a house she helped to design and build in the Neuwaukum Grange district, and later in another unique house near Adventist Academy. She raised three children who attended Chinook/Olympic/Auburn High and encouraged them intellectually.

Janice spent the majority of her professional life at The Boeing Company. After retiring in 2001 she promptly began a part time stint at the Auburn Public Library. She also helped plan the 1991 Auburn Centennial celebration. I still cherish the hat she gave me to commemorate the event.

Janice liked birds, nature, reading, and culture. She also enjoyed listening to 30-year-old episodes of Murder She Wrote while building jigsaw puzzles.

Janice was independent, unorthodox, and hard working. She had a great sense of humor even in the midst of being made fun of. She will be missed by at least a few people. If you knew her please keep her in your memories.