DreamPatch Reviews – Should You Buy SleepLab Dream Patch or Fake Natural Sleep Patches?

It’s challenging for some people to have a good night’s sleep, but now, there’s the DreamPatch. Not being able to sleep leads to frustration and complete exhaustion. People try everything when this happens, from relaxation techniques to herbal teas or sleep aids. Often, it’s because of the Sleep Aid Paradox, which makes people feel groggy and drained of all their energy. For this reason, DreamPatch is available to offer a solution.

What Is a DreamPatch?

DreamPatch is one of the most technologically advanced sleep solutions that helps people wake up invigorated. When they use the DreamPatch, they have a brand-new glow, and their energy is more vibrant than ever. At the same time, their mind becomes sharper, and their body is restored completely. Moreover, they can embrace any precious moment just because they have slept well all night.

DreamPatch is one of the most remarkable innovations. It promises to redefine people’s relationship with sleep because it contains only clinically tested natural ingredients that induce slumber. DreamPatch’s manufacturer has chosen ingredients that work harmoniously and diffuse into the body. The technology behind DreamPatch is space-grade and makes it possible to calm and silence racing thoughts. And is advertised as drug-free and non-habit-forming.

According to the DreamPatch official website, this product offers the following health benefits:

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Better emotional well-being and mood
  • Superior physical health
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Fall asleep faster and easier
  • Better recovery after physical injuries
  • Stay asleep and less frequency of waking
  • Maintain a healthy weight

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What Are the Ingredients in DreamPatch?

Let’s look at DreamPatch’s ingredients and how they work to induce sleep. People who rest well without having bad dreams or experiencing muscle spasms should discover what DreamPatch is all about and why it works. When considering a health product, it is essential to learn more about how it works and what it contains.

DreamPatch’s ingredients:

Valerian Root

This ingredient is ancient, coming from ancient Rome and Greece. It is a remarkable plant that promotes sleep and has mild sedative effects. Without Valerian Root, the nerves would not be soothed, and people would not be able to relax. People are no longer anxious and restless when using a product like DreamPatch, which contains Valerian Root. In other words, they can sleep without making any effort or trying hard to fall into the deep state of REM.


Hops are flowers that have been used in the traditional Indian-Ayurvedic medical routines. They have impressive sedative capabilities, containing essential oils and alpha acids that calm thoughts. The DreamPatch contains Hops. People no longer stress about anything and let their minds settle. They fall into deep sleep, and their mind is completely calm.

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Magnesium Malate

This ingredient is one of the most modern sleep medicine revelations. Even if it’s Magnesium’s natural version, it still gets very easily absorbed into the body and leads to relaxation. Magnesium gives the body more energy. As soon as it enters the nervous system, it relaxes it. It’s also important to know because it also relaxes the muscles. When using DreamPatch, the Magnesium Malate brings a quiet calm, allowing the body to feel comfortable before entering the dream realm.


The last ingredient in DreamPatch is Melatonin. This hormone is naturally produced in the body and controls the sleep-wake cycle. To put it more simply, as soon as the night falls, Melatonin enters the nervous system and signals the body to unwind. Because it contains Melatonin, DreamPatch is a soothing product that allows people to feel deep relaxation and drowsiness.

Every ingredient in DreamPatch makes the mind more serene. It brings a state of tranquility and allows the sleep to be more rejuvenating. While embarking on the sleep journey, people can have longer nights of slumber and wake up full of energy. They no longer need to drink herbal teas that induce sleep and make it possible to dream about the sweetest moments in life. In conclusion, the ingredients in DreamPatch are the best when it comes to sleeping well and resting properly.

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How to Apply the DreamPatch

The DreamPatch is simple to use. Customers should peel the backing off the patch and place it on top of the foot or the inside of the wrist before sleeping.

What Do People Say About DreamPatch?

According to the official DreamPatch website, this product has helped many people rest without being bothered. But let’s see what reviews have to say before making a purchase is a must.

Lisa Mitchell from Colchester, New York, says she bought DreamPatch because her husband snored. But as soon as he started using DreamPatch, he no longer had any problem with bad dreams and started sleeping like a log. Therefore, he also didn’t snore anymore.

Michelle Parker from Huntsville, Alabama, never thought that she could no longer be a light sleeper. Any kind of noise woke her from her sleep, so she needed something to put her to rest as soon as possible. Luckily, she came across DreamPatch, and all her problems were solved.

Michael Davis from Tampa, Florida, used to count sheep when going to bed, but this still didn’t help her fall into a deep state of rest. She couldn’t sleep at all. After trying everything to make her nights calmer, she came across DreamPatch, which saved her sleep without the need to use meds.

How Much Does DreamPatch Cost?

Consumers can order DreamPatch online from the product’s official website. The best news is that now the product is available at discounted prices. Each pack of the DreamPatches contains 30 patches:

  • 1 DreamPatch (30 patches) for $17.95 + $3.95 shipping
  • 2 DreamPatch boxes (60 patches) for $17 per pack + FREE shipping
  • 3 DreamPatch boxes (90 patches) for $15 per pack + FREE shipping
  • 4 DreamPatch boxes (120 patches) for $13.75 per pack + FREE shipping

For an additional $9.95, people can have DreamPatch boxes shipped to their doors much faster. Customers can pay only via PayPal or credit and debit card. They can use only VISA, MasterCard, and Amex. All products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. DreamPatch customer support service is available at:

  • support@trysleeplab.com.


DreamPatch is a technologically advanced sleep solution that helps people wake up invigorated. When using the DreamPatch, they have more energy, their mind becomes sharper, and their body is restored completely. DreamPatch is one of the most remarkable innovations and can be purchased on its official website for a better night of sleep tonight.


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