Genie Script Reviews: The 20-Second Genie Script for a Life of Abundance & Wealth

Do you feel like you’re going nowhere in life while everyone around you seems to be experiencing success? Does it seem like you have a lot to offer the world, but you just can’t identify what you need to do to make things happen for yourself?

Are people always telling you you’re smart and wondering why you aren’t rich?

The reality is it’s not your fault. Some people are born with an advantage over others. The world wants us to think that we can achieve anything. But the elites would rather see us as slaves to mediocrity, pushing the economy while we watch our standard of living and purchasing power decline.

They make millions in stocks, bonds, and business deals while we all fight for pennies. You realize this is unfair and want to do something about it. But what can you do?

Why Are So Many People Living with a Scarcity Mindset in 2023?

The reality is you’re not alone with these thoughts. Millions of Americans are waking up to the fact that there’s a big club of wealthy and influential people, and they aren’t in it. It’s invite-only, and we’re all on the outside.

How do these elites maintain their power and wealth? What’s the secret to their success?

These individuals are the captains and titans of the industry we’re discussing. What do they know that we don’t? There must be some common thread between these successful people that we can learn to leverage.

There is, and it’s called the “Genie Script“.

Unlock the Secrets of the Genie Script – Leverage a Legacy of Abundance

The Genie Script is the secret to unlocking the power of abundance in your life. It’s a total accident that it was uncovered and wrestled away from the clutches of power. Wesley Virgin is a husband and father from Texas who stumbled across the Genie Code by accident.

Wesley was involved in private security contracting for years, working with his colleagues to serve and protect the interests of some of the most powerful men in the world.

One evening, when talking to a fellow college who was done with his shift, he learned about what he would later call the “Genie Script.” His friend told him that while he was guarding the group of elites, they started chanting something for around 20 seconds, stopped, and repeated it. This behavior continued for over 30 minutes.

Wesley learned about how his colleague overheard the elites talking about the chant with each other, telling them it was the secret to wealth and power.

Wesley was fascinated and went on a quest to uncover this ancient archaic mystery of the Genie Script. Wesley’s search led him to interview celebrities and influential business people, and they all told him the same thing about the script he heard his colleague talking about that one fateful night.

After years of research, Wesley believes he’s uncovered the mantra used by the elite to attract wealth and abundance into their life, and he calls it “The Genie Script.”

Why wait? Start your Genie Script journey today!

Experience a New Life with the Power of the Genie Script

Today, the Genie Script is available to you. It’s the key you’ve been searching for to bring more abundance into your life. But what does that mean exactly? What is abundant, and why do you need a mindset of abundance to benefit from the Genie Script?

We’re all raised to believe there’s a shortage of everything in our lives. If you grew up in a middle-class home, you probably heard your parents say, “I can’t afford it,” a million times when you were trying to get money for something they thought was frivolous.

That’s the mindset we’re talking about. The reality is there’s enough money and success out there for everyone to get their share. We must learn how to position ourselves to attract what we want.

By learning the strategies to attract abundance into your life, you start moving on that path, away from scarcity and towards abundance and wealth.

When your mindset changes, so does everything else in your life. You find yourself opened up to new opportunities at every turn, and suddenly, the money spigot turns on, making you richer than you ever dreamed.

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Commit to the Genie Script – An Investment in Prosperity

The Genie Script is a simple 20-second mantra you say to yourself every day, as often as you like. The more you repeat it, the more the words in the script sink into your subconscious mind, programming you for a life of abundance.

That’s all it takes, 20 seconds a day. However, if you commit to the Genie Script today, you’ll get much more than just a script. Wesley prepared an entire course around the principles taught by the Genie Script.

You get four modules to the program, with a total value of over $1,500. Wesley invested over $7,000 in researching and studying the Genie Script; you get it today for a fraction of that cost.

Here’s everything included when you commit to the Genie Script today.

#1 The Genie Script 20-word manifestation script ($7,000 Retail Value)

This is the script we’ve discussed and the cornerstone of this program. You’ll listen to this script daily, as often as possible. You get immediate access to it through a digital download, so you can start listening to it tonight.

#2 The Subconscious Mind Rapid Rewrite Training Module ($597 Retail Value)

The subconscious mind holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the Genie Script. The subconscious always works in the background, recording everything we do, even asleep. By leveraging the power of the subconscious, you get closer to manifesting abundance in your life. Learn the words that empower your mind and your life experience.

#3 The Brainwave Mastery Training module ($697 Retail Value)

Everything in the universe vibrates at a frequency. Discover the frequency of your brainwaves and how to manipulate them to improve your life experience and reach your goals. Keep yourself focused and positive in life, energized to push yourself to your limit daily.

#4 Wealth Visuals Hacks Inside of the Genie Script ($197 Retail Value)

Visualization is a core component of manifestation. Holding a clear, vivid picture of what you want in your mind gives your subconscious something to work with. Learn how to visualize what you wish and seed emotion into the visualization to create an even more substantial effect. Master the Law of Attraction and bring abundance into your life.

Grab the Genie Script and begin your transformation now!

Commit to Mastering the Genie Script and Qualifying for Free Bonuses!

The Genie Script is a course in abundance and wealth, but you need more to deepen your consciousness and unlock the power of your subconscious mind. When you commit to learning the Genie Script, you get access to extra bonuses to boost your success and get the most out of the core features in the main program.

Accelerated “I Want This Now” Manifestation Kit (Retail Value $3,997)

Bonus #1 – Magical Scripting Journal Kit

Scripts to help you manifest what you desire.

Bonus #2 – 17 Oil Pheromone Lovers Kit

Strategically apply essential oils to your body to attract a partner.

Bonus #3 – Sage Poverty Cleansing Kit

Remove the bad juju that’s holding you back from achieving your goals.

Bonus #4 – The Abundance Checks Kit

Use the Law of Attraction to bring the money to you.

Bonus #5 – The Exotic Vacation Manifesting Kit

Manifest your dream vacation in any destination as a reward for improving yourself.

Bonus #6 – The Subliminal Mind Hack Kit

Train your subconscious while you sleep.

Bonus #7 – High Vibrational Food List

Make recipes for foods that amplify your energy levels and vibration.

Bonus #8 – Secret Chakra Hacks

Open your chakras to restore energy flow and remove blockages without meditation.

Bonus #9 – Supernatural Wealth Frequencies (Retail Value $197)

Focus your mind on success with wealth strategies that attract money to you.

Bonus #10 – The Body Stimulating Formula (Retail Value $197)

Learn how to harness your hormonal system and increase the secretion of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin when you need them.

Bonus #11 – A Millionaire’s Morning Ritual (Retail Value $197)

Get access to the daily rituals of successful people and emulate them.

Don’t miss out on these bonuses!

Get a Risk-Free Trial of the Genie Script

We’ve shown you the possibilities the Genie Script holds for you. With all the knowledge in the course and the bonuses, you have everything you need to turn things around and position yourself for success.

People paid Wesley thousands of consulting fees to teach them the Genie Script. Today, Wesley wants to spread this esoteric knowledge to the world without charging people a fortune.

You can access the Genie Script right now by clicking the order button. Today, you can get the Genie Script course and all the bonuses for $37.

But why so cheap, you ask?

Because Wesley doesn’t need your money, he wants to prove that the Genie Script is the real deal.

However, there must be some value exchange for the deal to exist in a positive energy balance in the universe. Giving you it for free would impress you that this program has no value, and that’s clearly not the case.

So, for $37, the price of a week’s coffee budget at Starbucks, you get access to this program. There’s also a 365-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t completely happy with the Genie Script, you can get your money back, no questions asked. If you have any questions about the refund policy or anything else, you can contact customer service for more information.

  • Email: helpdesk@digistore24.com
  • Telephone: 1-800-356-7947

How can you say no? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


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