Auburn-based Schilling Cider donates to environmental groups

Schilling Cider, an Auburn-based, leading craft cidery, announced a donation of $54,000 to eight prominent environmental organizations in eight states.

Schilling Cider, an Auburn-based, leading craft cidery, announced a donation of $54,000 to eight prominent environmental organizations in eight states.

Through the company’s KEEP IT WILD initiative, dedicated to preserving and protecting wild spaces, the contribution encompasses 5% of April’s sales from Schilling Cider’s Local Legend and Excelsior Imperial Apple brands, and an additional donation from its Oregon and Washington distribution partner, Columbia Distributing.

Schilling’s KEEP IT WILD initiative not only doubled its giveback from the previous year but also raised awareness for the chosen environmental organizations. Each nonprofit received 2.1 million impressions, and nearly 100,000 unique visitors viewed their initiatives. This heightened visibility amplified the reach and impact of the organizations’ work in protecting and preserving natural resources.

The selected beneficiaries are: Washington Wild, Oregon Wild, California Wild, Indigenous Idaho Alliance, Alaska Conservation Foundation, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Wild Arizona and Western Resource Advocates. By partnering with these organizations, Schilling aims to support and enhance their efforts in addressing pressing environmental challenges across the country.

“This generous support from Schilling Cider,” said Jonathan Jelen from Oregon Wild. “will help us keep Oregon wild by advancing two major conservation campaigns: a historic campaign to protect 3,000+ miles of Oregon’s rivers (which would be the largest expansion of river protections in state history) and a unique Climate Forests campaign to permanently protect mature and old-growth forests in Oregon and beyond for the immense climate benefits they provide.”

Schilling has also implemented eco-friendly practices throughout its operations, including sourcing local ingredients and recently launching an all-Electric Vehicle sales fleet. Schilling aims to inspire other businesses to adopt responsible and environmentally conscious practices.

Schilling’s PNW distribution partner gave generously to the KEEP IT WILD initiative, according to Business Development Director Max Devonport.

“Columbia Distributing is honored to partner with Schilling Cider and contribute a donation to WA Wild and OR Wild foundations. We are proud of and excited about our long-term relationship with Schilling and fully support their partnerships with these great organizations,” said Devonport.

“Wisdom and inspiration can often be found in nature, and as a company rooted in the Pacific Northwest, we feel a deep responsibility to protect and preserve our environment,” said Colin Schilling, Founder and CEO of Schilling Cider. “We are thrilled to donate to these incredible organizations and hope that our contribution will help drive meaningful change for the betterment of our planet.”