Auburn Valley Humane Society’s Cat Café opens at Outlet Collection

Cozy up with a cuddly kitty cat.

The royalty won’t be making their regal appearance at the cafe bearing their name until about May 16.

Despite the temporary absence of the headliners, however, the Auburn Valley Humane Society’s Cat Café at The Outlet Collection Seattle has opened to humans for food, drinks and retail.

Hold on there. What’s a Cat Café?

It’s a one-of-a-kind thing in these parts, inviting you to step in, perhaps sip a cup of joe or tea. pal with friendly, adoptable cats in a warm environment and feel your stresses melt.

Phil Morgan, CEO of the Auburn Valley Humane Society, said last week that the Cat Café’s purpose is to provide a temporary home for the cats, letting them socialize so they can find their peeps and their forever homes. That makes it a perfect place for cat lovers to enjoy the company of kitties while supporting a good cause.

“For us, it’s an opportunity to increase our adoption capacity since we all know there are more cats than we have room to adopt out at the shelter,” Morgan explained. “So, more adoption space in a more visible place.”

“We opened up our doors on April 3, and I’m very surprised at the amount of revenue it’s generated, even without cats. So when we get cats in there, it’ll be even better. I’m not the kind of CEO who’s content to sit back and live on donations. We have several programs that help generate revenue for this organization.”

The holdup on the kitties’ presence concerns a health regulation that requires AVHS to install a new ventilation system. And when that’s in, the cats will be there at the site just off the Food Court at the mall, 1101 Outlet Collection Way.

There is no charge to stop by the AVHS Cat Café and view the cats from the lobby area or grab a coffee, an espresso, or a snack.

Visitors must make appointments by visiting the AVHS Cat Café page on the AVHS website ( For any kid 18 or younger, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver form, and there must be one adult for every two children under age 12.

The fees for the cat lounge are $6 per person for 15-minute time slots, or $10 for 30-minute time slots. Walk-in visits will be accommodated as appointment space allows, and visitors can make payments on the website. On Wednesdays, visitors can schedule an available time slot through the website and their donation will be made at the Cat Café at the time of the visit.

Although the cats are sweet, social and healthy, all visitors will have to sign a waiver form before entering the cat lounge area, acknowledging they understand the possible health risks of being around cats. The waiver lists all of the rules and regulations.

Cats are not permitted anywhere except the designated cat enclosures, and no strollers are allowed.

Here are some of the rules of “eticatte,” as postsed on AVHS’s website.

Be kind to the kitties by not restricting their movement if they try to get away. Respect them by not chasing, yelling, climbing or running in their space. Pet them gently. Please do not pick them up or walk around with them. If they come to you, hold them in your lap.

Be mindful and watch your drinks when you’re inside the cat rooms. Do not remove lids and straws from cups when you’re in there. While food is not permitted in the cat rooms, snacks may be enjoyed at the tables just outside the Cat Café.

If you see cats fighting, please do not try to help. Staff members will monitor all kitty behavior.

The Cat Café will provide all toys for playing with the kitties.

Please refrain from bringing any outside animals or food into the Cat Café.

Two minors are permitted with one adult in a booking slot.

Do not bring any other pets. The space has been set up solely for the adoptable cats at the café. The cat lounge is a controlled space and a carefully maintained environment. The cats have all been screened and carefully checked for medical conditions. For these reasons and the safety of other animals, AVHS will not allow other animals inside the Cat Café.

Appointments can be made by visiting the AVHS Cat Café page at The organization will accept walk-ins if there are open time slots, but the reservation and payment must be made through the website at that time.

The Cat Cafe is unable to accept lost cats or cats no longer wanted by their owners at this location. If a lost cat is found in the Auburn city limits, the AVHS recommends that you take it to the Auburn Valley Humane Society Animal Shelter.

Those who have cats that they no longer want may also call Auburn Valley Humane Society shelter to inquire about re-homing them through the organization’s adoption program. Once lost cats have been vaccinated, microchipped, spayed or neutered, they may return to the Cat Café for adoption.

Should you visit the AVHS Cat Café and lose your heart to a cat, staff members will sit with you and explain the adoption basics. You will fill out an adoption application. Once your adoption application is approved, you can take your new friend home.

All of the cats and kittens are the property of Auburn Valley Humane Society until you adopt them. All adopted cats from AVHS will come with a complete medical folder with as much of their history as available. In most cases, same-day adoption will not be available. AVHS will schedule a day to pick up your pet within about a week.

AVHS adoption fees are $95 for cats over 10 months old. Kittens between 2-9 months are $225, and senior cats over 7 years are $25. There may also be a $30 fee for an Auburn pet license, depending on whether you are a City of Auburn resident. When adopted, all adopted cats must leave the Cat Café in a carrier. Adopters can bring their own carrier on the day of pickup, or AVHS has carriers available for purchase starting at $10. All cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated before coming to the Cat Café.