Time runs out on Jan. 10 to see online art exhibit at Helen S. Smith Gallery

One more call to catch Curated Moments, an exhibition of the work of the artists in Green River College’s visual arts portfolio class before the Helen S. Smith Gallery closes the virtual exhibition on Jan. 10.

After that, the work will be archived in past exhibitions on the gallery site.

Art students at Green River College work through the visual arts program studying drawing, painting, ceramics, photography and design, and students in the Artist’s Portfolio exhibition represent the capstone class, Art 180.

Serious art students in the program traditionally take Art 180 in the fall to learn how to package and present their work professionally as a cumulative body. 

The Artists’ Portfolio Class leads students through the process of polishing a body of artwork. Through discussions, critiques and hard work, they curate their own work into individual exhibitions at the end of their studies for the public to enjoy.

Through their studies, they have created a professional portfolio of visual work ripe for applications to university art programs, entry level employment, internships and exhibition opportunities. Many of these upper-level students obtain their Associates in Fine Art upon graduation in addition to their AA degree.

This virtual exhibition is now open on the Helen S. Smith Gallery website (www.greenriver.edu/community/art-gallery/gallery-archive), complete with individual student artist talks, virtual galleries for each student and their own professional website.