BriteCore Wi-Fi Video Bulb Reviews – Legit Home Security Camera System?

People opt for various security upgrade solutions for their businesses or homes. However, most have hefty prices and require technical skills for installation, leading to additional expenses. Some surveillance solutions are complex, and others require periodic upgrades and maintenance. Technological advancement has enhanced the development of security systems that are uniquely designed.

The BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb is a 24/7 surveillance system for securing premises at an affordable price. The advanced surveillance appliance is viable for monitoring and curbing property invaders. This review entails features and other details of the revolutionary security system.

What Is BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb?

The BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb is an advanced security appliance designed by BriteCore- a company that offers cloud-based core software. Unlike most surveillance solutions, the new generation model is designed with innovative features and is easy to install. The security system has an intelligent tracking system lock for closer monitoring.

The BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb is installed as a standard light bulb and has an integrated security system that uses the cloud on the user’s phone. The creator claims that consumers can view HD and real-time footage from their mobile phones. In addition, one can record footage from all angles with its 360 degrees rotation capability. It also has full-color night vision that aids in monitoring.

BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb Features

The creator claims that the new generation BriteCore wifi Video Bulb has the following unique features:

Wifi-enabled feature– BriteCore wifi Video Bulb has a built-in wifi capability to allow the consumer to easily configure and access footage via the cam cloud. Consumers can link the device to their phone for full-time monitoring with a smartphone.

LED light-the advanced surveillance camera has LED light to enhance clarity in real-time footage coverage. The LED light aids in capturing high-quality videos with ideal color contrast. The LED light illuminates objects to identify suspects or invaders quickly.

Standard E27 screw type bottom– BriteCore wifi Video Bulb has a bulb-compatible E27 screw to allow consumers easily install it for surveillance. It’s designed like a traditional bulb and fits in a light socket.

Sharp High-quality recording with full-color night vision– the security system has full-color night vision to enhance sharpness and clarity in visibility during the day and night.

Two-way communication– consumers have complete control of the footage coverage from their mobile phones. The cam cloud functionality is compatible with the user’s smartphones. They can easily control the BriteCore wifi Video Bulb and allow consumers to view all the room’s angles.

Full HD 1080p, 360-degree panoramic view– the latest BriteCore wifi Video Bulb model has 110 degrees wide-angle lens that allows for 360 degrees rotation. The surveillance system enables live monitoring and is viable for office, factory, or home surveillance systems.

Motion tracking and monitoring– the creator, has designed the BriteCore wifi Video Bulb with motion sensors to provide alerts to consumers in case of motion. In addition, the security system activates with a motion to alert consumers of real-time movement. The intelligent tracking system also locks on intruders after detecting movement and keeps a record of videos.


BriteCore wifi Video Bulb Benefits

The creator of BriteCore wifi Video Bulb guarantees that the innovative device provides a complete and efficient approach for monitoring and property protection. The 2022 model can be used at home and on business premises. The creator offers the following BriteCore wifi Video Bulb benefits:

Power Efficient

BriteCore wifi Video Bulb cuts down on power bills since it requires the electric current of a standard socket. There’s no hassle of installing a new power supply or recharging batteries.

Deterring uninvited intruders

The security system deters intruders from accessing the premises. The BriteCore wifi Video Bulb has built-in motion sensors that notify consumers of motion. The gadget has 360-degree rotation capability and activates a sharp alarm to scare intruders.

Pocket Friendly

The BriteCore wifi Video Bulb is cost-effective since consumers don’t incur installation costs. The camera aids in home security at an affordable price.


BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb Pricing & Membership Enrollment

Consumers can place their product orders from the official website for $79.99 + an additional $ 7.97 shipping fee. The consumer needs to provide personal details for shipping. Consumers who make payments via a Mastercard get a 30% discount on the shipping fee. The creator also recommends consumers include a protection plan of $3.97. Upon a successful reservation and payment, the consumer is notified when to expect their shipping.

You should note that you may be notified that you qualify for a “special offer: when you are on the main website. This special offer allows you to receive your BriteCore bulb for just the shipping price; however, you will be signed up for a membership in the Bargain Deals Warehouse club. This will lead to you being charged $84.45 each month as a member. Your membership includes a monthly voucher to order products from the Bargain Deals Warehouse.

You will also be enrolled in the Tailor Made Fit Application with your purchase. If you do not cancel within 72 hours, you will be charged $39.93 monthly until you cancel.

If you have any questions or want to cancel your membership, contact customer service at 1-855-451-4899.

Final Verdict

There are different types and models of cameras in the market. Determining the ideal security system for residential or commercial properties may require scrutiny to ensure consumers find valuable security solutions for their property. The creator of BriteCore wifi Video Bulb has guaranteed consumers a new and innovative model that’s wifi enabled, full-color night vision, and 360-degree panoramic view, among other unique features. Consumers can purchase the BriteCore security system to deter intruders in their homes and workplaces. Visit the official website to order your BriteCore bulb today.


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