Sol Heater Reviews – Is SolHeater Portable Heater Brand Scam or Legit? (UK)

According to weather reports, the weather will be abnormally colder this winter, and individuals could experience higher heating bills this winter due to this winter forecast. Homeowners and renters alike may have an unfortunate time paying their heating bills by raising the thermostats to stay warm, as electricity and heating costs are rising too.

Fortunately, the Sol Heater personal and portable heating unit can be used for additional warmth whenever winter nights become colder than usual and cost less than traditional heating sources. According to the manufacturer, the device is technologically advanced and easy to operate for heating an apartment, garage, office, and at home.

How Does Sol Heater Work?

Sol Heater is a personal, portable heater that can be used in the winter to save money as it is advertised to use 30% less electricity than traditional heating sources. Moreover, the Sol Heater can be moved about the house where additional heat is wanted and can be taken on vacation or to the office. The Sol Heater claims to heat a room in a few seconds, distributing the heat fast throughout the room.

Central heat can take hours to warm an entire home; in contrast, the Sol Heater can be used to add heat in rooms that are occupied without heating unused rooms. The Sol Heater is a compact device that uses ceramic heating technology, which significantly helps cut electricity bill costs, and features overheating and tip-over protection technology making it safe to use around children or pets.

Sol Heater Best Features

According to the manufacturer, here are the stand-out features of the Sol Heater in its product category:

Built-in Timer

The Sol Heater has a built-in timer, which means users can set it to warm the surroundings for a specific time. The heater will stay on for as long as needed. The timer will automatically turn off when its time expires.

Runs Quietly

Since it features brushless motors, the Sol Heater is extremely quiet, even after functioning for hours.

Easy to Use

The Sol Heater is a high-tech gadget with controls that are easy to use and can be used and operated by any adult with or without technical knowledge.

Environmentally Friendly

This heater doesn’t release any dangerous chemicals into the air when in use. Moreover, it doesn’t need that much electricity, so it’s eco-friendly and the perfect choice for those worried about the environment.


Since it’s small and doesn’t feature any heavy components, the Sol Heater is considered lightweight and can be taken from room to room or anywhere additional heat would be welcomed. The Sol Heater can also be taken on vacation and used in cold hotel rooms. It doesn’t matter where it’s placed as the Sol Heater doesn’t occupy too much space and runs quietly while providing heat.

Built with High-Quality Materials

According to the manufacturer, the Sol Heater uses revolutionary heating technology, which means that the materials used to build it are of the highest quality, ensuring durability.

Stylish Design

Another great feature of the Sol Heater is its stylish design. This device looks good in any room, regardless of the decor of that room.

How to Use the Sol Heater

As mentioned, the Sol Heater is very easy to use. Here are the steps to follow before having it heat a room:

  • Plugging the Sol Heater into a power source
  • Switching the heater on and setting it for how long it should warm the room
  • Setting the temperature
  • Enjoying the comfort of warm surroundings

How to Buy the Sol Heater

Sol Heater is not available for sale in shops or retailers. Consumers can only get the Sol Heater from its official website. Here, they can use a credit/debit card or PayPal account for purchasing at the following prices:

  • £49.95 / One Sol Heater
  • £47.45 / Two Sol Heaters
  • £42.46 / Four Sol Heaters
  • £39.96 / Five Sol Heaters

The manufacturer offers an extended 3-year warranty for an additional £39.96. The Sol Heater comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers to get a full refund of their money. They can contact the Sol Heater customer support team by phone or email at:


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