PhenQ PM Reviews: Effective Night-Time Fat Burner or Scam Complaints?

Sleep and weight loss are two closely connected concepts. Many people may wonder if it is possible to lose weight while sleeping. The answer is yes, but with some limitations. During the night-time, our bodies go into a rest mode where they slow down energy expenditure and conserve energy for the next day’s activities. This means that even though we’re not actively burning calories, our bodies are still working to maintain healthy functioning.

In addition, during sleep stages such as REM sleep, which is associated with more active brain activity and higher metabolism rates, we can burn more calories than at other times when we’re resting. Therefore, losing weight during sleep depends on how much activity you do and how well you regulate your calorie intake throughout the day. If you are looking for a herbal remedy to help you lose weight during sleep, check out a new supplement called “PhenQ PM.”

PhenQ PM is an innovative weight loss supplement designed to help you maximize your efforts regarding weight loss during the night. With its unique blend of natural ingredients, PhenQ PM helps burn fat and reduce cravings even while you sleep. It’s a perfect choice for those looking to accelerate their nightly weight-loss routine and get the most out of their diet and exercise plan.

Check out the following in-depth review to learn about the PhenQ PM’s fat-burning capabilities!

What is PhenQ PM?

If you’re looking for a natural weight-regulating formula that promotes night-time fat-burning, look no further than PhenQ PM. This powerful supplement helps support healthy weight management by targeting the processes that occur during night-time. It contains natural ingredients such as L-Arginine, 5-HTP, and multivitamins, which work together to optimize the body’s ability to burn fat while sleeping.

Additionally, it helps reduce cravings and appetite so that users can get through the day without snacking on unhealthy snacks. Unlike other supplements and medications, this product does not contain harsh stimulants or artificial flavors – making it safe for most people to take.

Ingredients Used in PhenQ PM

Its focus on natural ingredients sets PhenQ PM apart from other night-time supplements. Its ingredients are thought to help boost metabolism, increase energy levels, and curb hunger pangs that can lead to overindulging in snacks before bedtime.

Given below are the key ingredients of PhenQ and their benefits:


L-Arginine is a potent amino acid that helps your body to burn fat quickly. It has been used as a weight loss supplement for many years, and studies have shown that it can help people lose up to three times more weight than dieting alone. Additionally, it helps control hunger levels by suppressing appetite and cravings for unhealthy foods. This makes it easier for those trying to stick to a healthier diet plan.


L-lysine is the star element of PhenQ PM, as it aids in the production of carnitine, transforming fatty acids into energy and promoting weight loss. As a result of its ability to improve energy levels, l-lysine enhances endurance, boosting exercise and overall physical performance.


Appetite suppression is one of the biological actions of L-theanine administration. It is commonly present in numerous sleep aids. If weight loss is your objective, this amino acid will help you control your appetite to concentrate on reaching the all-important calorie deficit.


Molybdenum is an essential mineral for human health. Molybdenum is used by your body to digest proteins and genetic information such as DNA. Additionally, it regulates bowel movements and improves digestive health. Molybdenum also aids in the breakdown of medicine and toxins that enter the body.


In the body, 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) can be converted to serotonin. It is a standard treatment for depression. Evidence exists for sleeplessness and anxiety; in one study, participants taking 5-HTP fell asleep faster and slept more soundly than those taking a placebo. To boost serotonin, researchers recommend 200 to 400 mg at night, but it may take 6 to 12 weeks to be fully effective.

PhenQ PM also includes multiple vitamins that are,

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B5
  • Choline

How does PhenQ PM work?

PhenQ PM is a weight loss supplement designed to help people get a leaner and slimmer physique. The supplement’s specific blend of all-natural ingredients helps boost your metabolism to burn fat and suppress appetite during the day and while sleeping.

This can help you reach your desired weight loss goals faster. As mentioned above, PhenQ PM’s potent formulation works to optimize the three stages of fat-burning:

These stages are:

Stage#1: Increase in Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone (GH) is an integral part of human metabolism, and it plays a significant role in burning calories and building muscles. It helps to ensure that your body can utilize the energy from food efficiently, thereby helping you lose weight and build muscle. By increasing GH production, PhenQ PM enables you to achieve your desired physique faster. It enhances the effects of GH on your body, resulting in even more accelerated fat loss.

Stage#2: Flushing out Excess Cortisol

Cortisol, often referred to as the “stress hormone,” plays a vital role in how our bodies store fat. When cortisol levels rise, it can signal the body to store more fat rather than burn it off. PhenQ PM helps to reduce cortisol levels in the body. PhenQ PM’s active ingredient, L-Arginine, works by decreasing cortisol levels and supporting your natural fat-melting process.

This allows your body to burn these fatty acids for energy rather than storing them as fat. Not only does this result in a decrease in weight, but it also causes a reduction of unhealthy cholesterol and triglycerides.

Stage#3 Appetite Regulation

PhenQ PM helps you easily slip into the deep sleep phase. It contains 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), an amino acid that promotes restful sleep without sedative effects or rebound insomnia associated with other sleep aids. By regulating your appetite, PhenQ PM eliminates those late-night cravings and keeps you from snacking before bed. This unique formula also helps to improve cognitive performance throughout the day and replenish energy reserves for better sleep at night.


Q: How should I use PhenQ PM?

A. For optimum weight loss results, the manufacturer recommends taking four PhenQ PM capsules with a glass of water before bedtime.

Q: Which PhenQ PM package should be ordered?

A. Customers frequently purchase the 3- or 6-month supply for optimal results. While a single bottle can still provide many slimming benefits, it’s ideal for taking PhenQ PM consistently for optimal results.

Q: Is PhenQ PM safe?

A. Yes. PhenQ PM is made with natural, scientifically-supported components and has no known adverse effects. Before beginning any supplement, the firm recommends speaking with a doctor.

The PhenQ PM formula contains no Dairy, Gluten, Soy, or preservatives.

Where to buy PhenQ PM

PhenQ PM is only available through the manufacturer’s website. The company’s checkout procedure is quick, straightforward, and secure. One bottle of PhenQ PM is available for $64.99. Additional savings are available for bulk purchases. Your order should arrive within five business days if you live in the United States or the United Kingdom.

  • One Bottle $64.99 + Free Shipping
  • Buy Two Bottles Get One Free $129.99 + Free Shipping
  • Buy Three Bottles, Get Two Free $194.99 + Free Shipping

All orders are processed through a secure, encrypted payment processing system. The company is committed to ensuring your total satisfaction. As a result, every order comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you do not observe significant changes in your body composition, please get in touch with customer service to request a refund.

  • Contact Link: https://phenq.com/pages/contact-us
  • Phone Support: +1 (646) 513 2632


Unlike other weight loss products, PhenQ PM works day and night to help you reach your desired weight quickly. It contains powerful fat-burning ingredients that help to rid the body of excess pounds rapidly and safely. The formula is designed to be taken at night, making it an ideal choice for those who want to lose weight in their sleep and during the day. PhenQ PM is made in the USA, in GMP-certified facilities using all-natural ingredients.

PhenQ PM’s natural and proven ingredients encourage your body’s metabolism so calories are burned more efficiently and effectively throughout the night. The combination of thermogenesis and increased energy levels help to reduce stubborn fat while keeping your appetite under control, so you don’t have cravings throughout the day. Overall, it is an effective weight loss formula.

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