TestoGreens Reviews (Live Anabolic)

Testo Greens is a new weight loss solution that helps balance testosterone and estrogen. Losing the excess fat in the wrong places, especially around the belly of a man is an issue of concern especially when you dedicate hours in the gym lifting all sorts of weights and not seeing results. This could be made worse if you are dedicating a lot of money to dietary routines and abstaining from particular foods without any tangible results.

The “dad bod” kind of body that you possess is not tied to the level of your testosterone levels or your age. And the solution to the problem is not tied to those workout routines, supplement pills, or restrictive diets that keep you inside a cage-like a nutrition prisoner. The solution to this problem lies within three simple foods that this supplement has incorporated to help you lose weight.

Introducing Testo Greens

Testo Greens balances your hormonal system to help you lower body fat. Testo Greens works by helping you get rid of excess estrogen levels from your body bringing your hormonal levels in balance and well checked. This supplement incorporates greens powder packed with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and adaptogens backed by research to optimize your male hormones levels and keep your testosterone levels healthy in comparison with estrogen levels. With this supplement, you will finally shrink those stubborn areas that made you feel uncomfortable in your skin and work towards creating a high functioning physique that you’re proud of.

The Science Behind Hormonal Weight Loss

Recent research has shown that the level of calories we ingest has nothing to do with the level of weight we can probably lose or the level we can attain in keeping fit. The real cause for stubborn weight is an imbalance between the male hormone testosterone and the female estrogen. To maintain a healthy body fat level, researchers showed that the body needs to keep a steady balance between testosterone levels and estrogen levels. This is the concept behind this supplement.

Testo Greens Ingredients

Testo Greens has been designed using the best naturally available plant nutrients derived from three common vegetables in the grocery store. The supplement is a blend of the world’s best researched cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and kales that have been shown in studies to powerfully boost testosterone to estrogen balance healthily and naturally to give you the hormonal balance needed to develop a strong and healthy body.

These ingredients have been scientifically been shown to contain indole-3-carbinol, a crucial compound that has been shown to help in supporting the hormones responsible for male performance and body composition. In recent research, researchers found that individuals who consume more indole-3-carbinol were observed to have a significantly better balance of testosterone to estrogen than those who did not.

Dark Berries

The developer of this supplement also adds other fruits and vegetables that have been shown to help remove excess amounts of certain hormones which helps you maintain the right hormonal balance. These fruits include blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, pomegranates, and beetroots which add more power to the mix making the formula even more powerful and effective.


Spirulina is a type of herb seaweed that the developer of this supplement has incorporated into the formula to enable you to derive maximum benefits. Spirulina is made of chemicals that are friendly to your body including sulfur-containing amino acids. Spirulina supplies your liver with the sulfur it needs to support it and maintain the proper testosterone to estrogen balance.


Maca is a type of root herb that belongs to the mustard family indigenous to Peru. This supplement has been used as a herb for many centuries by Peruvian people to treat many illnesses. Maca is known as a hormone modulator, in that it doesn’t necessarily increase any one specific hormone but it works with all hormone-secreting glands hence it can help you optimize testosterone function as well as modulate estrogen production


Ashwagandha is an Indian herb that has been used for centuries for its medicinal purposes. Recent studies have shown that guys who took ashwagandha experienced this hormone balancing act and lowered estrogen levels while boosting testosterone.

Korean ginseng root

Korean ginseng is a powerful herb indigenous to Korea. This herb provides your body with the necessary nutrients you need to keep your hormones balanced. Recent studies have shown that it helps maintain a balanced activity of “hormone receptors” in the body.

Testo Greens Dosage

This supplement comes in powder form. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 scoop of Testo Greens into a glass of water, then stir and finally drink every morning for maximum results.

Testo Greens Price

This supplement is only found on the manufacturer’s website from where purchases can be made. One bottle of Testo Greens retails at $59 with free shipping. The developer offers three bottles of the supplement at $147, six bottles at $234, and a subscription of $49 that allows access to 1 jar every 30 days. Each offer comes with free shipping in North America.


Each product is covered with a 356-day money-back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with the results. In addition, Testo Greens formula is naturally fueled by nature, vegan, non-GMO, and can help to give you results that support your energy, vitality, and manhood. This supplement offers a cheaper alternative to purchasing groceries.

Final Review

Testo Greens has been made to suit the needs of men by addressing the specific root cause of weight gain in men. The developer of the supplement has employed scientific principles in developing this product and is recommended to any man seeking to seamlessly and effortlessly lose weight.

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