Fire, rescue blotter

The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 208 calls for service between May 5 and May 11, among them the following:

The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to 208 calls for service between May 5 and May 11, among them the following:

MAY 5 –

Overdose: 1:03 p.m., (Pacific). Engine 38 and King County Medic 6 responded to the King Oscar Motel to help a woman who had overdosed on prescription medications. The woman was unconscious and Medic 6 transported her to Auburn Regional Medical Center.

MAY 6 –

Accidental Shooting: 10:14 p.m., (Pacific). Engine 38 and Battalion 31 responded to a report of an accidental shooting. On location, Engine 38 found a young man who had sustained a gun shot wound to a lower extremity. Engine 38 provided wound care and arranged for transport to Valley Medical Center via American Medical Response.

MAY 7 –

Aid Call: 12:10 p.m., (Auburn). Eng-31, Aid-31, Battalion 31 and Medic-6 responded to a report of a train versus pedestrian accident in the 1400 block of C St NW. The patient was dead. Engine-31 returned later in the day to help the King County Medical Examiner retrieve the body.

MAY 8 –

Aid Call: 7:15 a.m., (Lea Hill). Engine 34 responded to Wesley Homes for an aid call. VRFA personnel found a woman complaining of general weakness who couldn’t get out of bed. VRFA personnel administered basic life support. An ambulance transported her to ARMC.

MAY 9 –

Leg Fracture: 8:46 a.m., (Lea Hill). Engine 34 responded to Green River Community College where a woman was suffering from knee and ankle pain from a fall. Engine 34 found the patient sitting on the curb with bloody knees and a deformed lower left leg. Engine 34 applied a vacuum splint to the broken leg and provided wound care on her knee. The patient was transported to ARMC via AMR.

MAY 10 –

Assault: 5:46 p.m., (Auburn). Engine 32 responded to a fight that was occurring in the street near the Muckleshoot Casino. Auburn police had broken up the fight, and one subject was bleeding from multiple wounds to the back of his head. VRFA crews talked with the man, but he refused any aid and just wanted to go home.

MAY 11 –

Electrical Problem: 10:06 a.m., (Algona). Engine 38 and Algona Police responded to the intersection of Algona Boulevard and 4th Ave. S. for an electrical problem. Engine 38 found a semi truck had touched a residential electrical feeder line. The truck sustained no damage; however, when it contacted the power line, it stretched the line enough to compromise it. The home that the line served immediately lost power; however, the home was not damaged.